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Georg Lukacs

Georg Lukacs (György Lukács, 1885–1971) was fellow traveler and influential Hungarian Marxist philosopher among founders of Frankfurt School.[1] Lukács had a major influence on forming the philosophical foundations of the New Left. Thomas Mann was inspired by Lukács and portrayed him as Naphta in The Magic Mountain.[2]


  • Soul and Form (1911)
  • History and Class Consciousness (in German: Geschichte und Klassenbewusstsein, 1923)
  • The destruction of reason (in German: Die Zerstörung der Vernunft,[3] 1954)
  • The Historical Novel (1955)

Controversy over the statue of György Lukács

In 2017, the Budapest City Council decided that the statue of György Lukács erected during Communist regime will be removed from a Budapest Szent István Park in the 13th district and replaced by a statue of Saint Stephen, the founder of the Hungarian state and the canonized first Christian King of Hungary. Soros apologists in Canada[4] who regard Georg Lukacs for a "renowned Marxist philosopher"[5] however defend the Lukacs's Marxist and Communist past and describe the removal as right-wing "anti-Semitic" attack on his Jewish roots. In their view, "You may expect something like removing a statue of a philosopher to happen in Nazi Germany in the 1930s but not in Budapest in 2017." Thus they believe "Hungary is marching down on a dangerous road, somewhat similar to Germany’s in the 1930s," towards "a bizarre right-wing nationalist dictatorship with strong anti-Semitic tendencies".[2] The removals of statues of Marxist philosophers, under the banner of rejecting totalitarian past when statues of revolutionary figures like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Vladimir Lenin were erected around the country, are however common in Ukraine and Soros apologists never make the similar statements with respect to them.[6] According to their own criterion, Ukraine, with the regime they appear to support, is thus on a dangerous road towards nationalist dictatorship, and in this case they seem to not bother whatsoever.

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