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George Calvert was born about 1580 in Yorkshire,England. He was the founder of the colony of Maryland in America.

Early life

George went to Oxford at age 14 and graduated in 1597. He then became a secretary to Robert Cecil, who was a leading figure in the English government. Calvert advanced rapidly with the support and encouragement form Cecil and the King. He attained a seat in Parliament, membership in the Privy Council, and eventually received the position of secretary of state. He entered into knighthood in 1617, following his conversion to Catholicism. After this Calvert resigned from the position of secretary of state. To reward Calvert for his services, James I gave Calvert the title Baron Baltimore.

Interest in America

Calvert had a longstanding interest in America. He was a member of the Council for New England, and also held stock in the Virginia Company.

A New Colony

In 1623, he asked the King for land in America where he could build a haven for English Catholics. Before the charter gained final approval, Calvert died in 1632 at the age of 52. he left his work to be continued by his heir, Cecilius.