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Walking away from that life
“It was really taking a toll on my mental and emotional state. I finally just walked away from that life. I walked out of the bars. I stopped hanging around a lot of my gay friends. I stopped hanging around liberal Christians. I just started immersing myself in God’s word. That’s really where I started to get answers and peace about where God really stands on this issue.”
— George Carneal[1]

George Carneal is an ex-gay who after 25 years of fruitlessly searching for fulfillment in a homosexual lifestyle turned to faith in Jesus Christ, left his former life behind him, and claims to have found the peace that eluded him.[1]


  • In the book My Journey Into the Light,[2] author George Carneal describes how for years he struggled with his Christian faith and homosexuality. He starts to share his journey through the eyes and mind of a confused child dealing with homosexuality and claims to eventually spent approximately 25 years immersed in the world of homosexuality while attempts to show the pitfalls of that life.

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