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George Papadopoulos was an unpaid campaign volunteer during the 2016 presidential election.

Alexander Downer

The meeting between George Papadopoulos and Alexander Downer was portrayed in American fake news media as a chance encounter in a London pub.[1] It wasn't. It was an entrapment sting designed to justify FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign.[2]

A lawyer from the Australian embassy contacted Papadopoulos fours days in advance and asked to arrange a meeting between Papadopoulos and Downer. At the meeting, Papadopoulos was ordered to "leave [UK Prime Minister] David Cameron alone." Papadopoulos had suggested in a London newspaper that Cameron owed Trump an apology for comments critical of Trump.[3] Cameron colluded with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to murder Muammar Gaddafi[4] - an ally of the UK and the US,[5][6] - an action that caused the resurgence of black-African slavery in Libya. Obama said at the time it was done for "humanitarian" purposes.[7]

At the time Papadopoulos quit the Ben Carson campaign to volunteer for Trump, Papadopoulos was lured to London with an offer on a board of a front group known as the London Centre of International Law Practice (LCILP) which he accepted to pad his resume.[8] Prof. Joseph Mifsud also worked with the group. Mifsud introduced Papadopoulos to Russian nationals living in the UK and working with retired UK intelligence officials.[9] One pretended to be Putin's neice, and the other worked with a Russian think tank in London. Mifsud claimed to have access to Hillary Clinton's emails.[10]

In September Papadopoulos was lured back to London by Stefan Halper with a promise of $3000 and airfare to write a paper. Halper and Downer have connections to the shadowy UK security firm of Hakluyt (Halper wrote two books with the Hakluyt representative in the US and Downer sat on its advisory board).[11] Halper, who publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton, asked Papadopoulos about the emails Hillary Clinton stole from the State Department and National Archives and Records Administration.[12]

During Papadopoulos' encounter with Downer in the London pub, Papadopoulos told Downer about the meetings with Mifsud and friends. Downer reported what Papadopoulos said to US State Department back channels, who told John Brennan, who told Comey, McCabe and Strzok, who then opened a counterintelligence investigation based on the unverified, unvetted information to violate the civil and Constitutional rights of members of the Trump campaign, and interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

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