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The Ghassanids are the main ethnic Christian Arab group in modern Lebanon and parts of Syria & Jordan.

Ghassanid families

Al-Khazen, Aranki, Ayoub, Ammari, Batarseh, Barakat, Bayouth, Chakar, Farhat, Farhoud, Gharios, Ghanem ,Ghanma, Ghannoum, Ghulmiyyah, Hamra, Howayek, Hadadin, Ishaq, Jabara (Jebara or Gebara, Gibara), Kandil, Karadsheh, Khazens, Lahd, Maalouf, Madi, Makhlouf, Matar, Moghabghab, Mokdad, Nayfeh, Nimri, Obeid, Oweis, Rached, Rahhal, Razook, Saab, Saah, Saliba, Sfeir, Sheiks Chemor, Smeirat, Swies, Sweidan, Theeba and Tyan. The religious backgrounds of these families tend to be either Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholic or Maronite Catholic, despite the Ghassanids' initial affiliation to Non-Chalcedonian Syriac Orthodox Christianity. They are identified by being Christian families with South Arabian names.