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Glock GmbH is a weapons and survival tools manufacturer founded by Gaston Glock in 1963 and headquartered in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria. The company is most famous for its range of safe action pistols, and also makes survival knives and entrenching tools.


Glock's line of pistols were first developed in the early 1980s to replace the Walther P38 service pistol in the Austrian army. Since then, the Glock 17 and its variants have become quite popular as military and law enforcement firearms, being exported in more than 50 countries. Glock pistols are chambered for all major pistol cartridges, including the 9x17mm Short, 9x19mm Luger, .357SIG, .40SW, 10mm auto, .45ACP and the .45 GAP.[1] Glock pistols have a unique safe action mechanism and, unlike most handguns, do not have any external safety on/off lever. No external safety lever means that there is no risk of the shooter either forgetting or not realizing that the safety is on in an emergency situation. The Glock handguns are prevented from being fired accidentally by the user by a triple safety system, dubbed the safe action trigger by Glock. The safe action mechanism includes a drop safety which prevents the handgun from firing if dropped. [2]

Survival Knives

Glock currently makes two models of survival knives, the Field Knife 78, which is a classic army knife, and the Survival Knife 81, which is similar to the Field Knife 78 but has a saw at the back of the blade. Both knives have a safety sheath made out of the Glock polymer.[3]

Entrenching Tools

The Glock entrenching tool is a spade which can be transformed into a shovel and a hoe, and the end of the handle can be pulled out to make a saw. The entrenching tool also folds up and stores in a nylon pouch which can be attached to a belt, a backpack etc.[4]