Governors of Indiana

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A list of governors from the state of Indiana.[1]

Governors of Indiana Territory

Name Years
William Henry Harrison 1800, 1801-1812
John Gibson 1800-1801, 1812-1813
Thomas Posey 1813-1816

Governors of the State of Indiana

Name Party Years
Jonathan Jennings Democratic Republican 1816-1822
Ratliff Boon Democratic Republican 1822
William Hendricks Democratic Republican 1822-1825
James Brown Ray Democratic Republican 1825-1831
Noah Noble Whig 1831-1837
David Wallace Whig 1837-1840
Samuel Bigger Whig 1840-1843
James Whitcomb Democrat 1843-1848
Paris Chipman Dunning Democrat 1848-1849
Joseph Albert Wright Democrat 1849-1857
Ashbel Parsons Willard Democrat 1857-1860
Abram Adams Hammond Democrat 1860-1861
Henry Smith Lane Republican 1861
Oliver Perry Morton Republican 1861-1867
Conrad Baker Republican 1867-1873
Thomas Andrews Hendricks Democrat 1873-1877
James Douglas Williams Democrat 1877-1880
Isaac Pusey Gray Democrat 1880-1881, 1885-1889
Albert Gallatin Porter Republican 1881-1885
Alvin Peterson Hovey Republican 1889-1891
Ira Joy Chase Republican 1891-1893
Claude Matthews Democrat 1893-1897
James Atwell Mount Republican 1897-1901
Winfield Taylor Durbin Republican 1901-1905
James Frank Hanly Republican 1905-1909
Thomas Riley Marshall Democrat 1909-1913
Samuel Moffett Ralston Democrat 1913-1917
James Putnam Goodrich Republican 1917-1921
Warren T. McCray Republican 1921-1924
Emmett Forrest Branch Republican 1924-1925
Edward L. Jackson Republican 1925-1929
Harry Guyer Leslie Republican 1929-1933
Paul Vories McNutt Democrat 1933-1937
Maurice Clifford Townsend Democrat 1937-1941
Henry Frederick Schricker Democrat 1941-1945, 1949-1953
Ralph Fesler Gates Republican 1945-1949
George N. Craig Republican 1953-1957
Harold Willis Handley Republican 1957-1961
Matthew Empson Welsh Democrat 1961-1965
Roger Douglas Branigin Democrat 1965-1969
Edgar Doud Whitcomb Republican 1969-1973
Otis Ray Brown Republican 1973-1981
Robert D. Orr Republican 1981-1989
Evan Bayh Democrat 1989-1997
Frank O’Bannon Democrat 1997-2003
Joseph E. Kernan Democrat 2003-2005
Mitch Daniels Republican 2005–present