Governors of Nevada

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A list of governors from the territory, then state of Nevada.[1][2]

Name Party Years
James Warren Nye Republican 1861-1864
Henry Goode Blasdel Republican 1864-11871
Lewis Rice Bradley Democrat 1871-1879
John Henry Kinkead Republican 1879-1883
Jewett William Adams Democrat 1883-1887
Charles Clark Stevenson Republican 1887-1890
Frank Bell Republican 1890-1891
Roswell Keyes Colcord Republican 1891-1895
John Edward Jones Silver 1895-1896
Reinhold Sadler Silver 1896-1903
John Sparks Silver-Democratic 1903-1908
Denver Sylvester Dickerson Silver-Democratic 1908-1911
Tasker Lowndes Oddie Republican 1911-1915
Emmet Derby Boyle Democrat 1915-1923
James Graves Scrugham Democrat 1923-1927
Frederick Bennett Balazar Republican 1927-934
Morley Isaac Griswold Republican 1934-1935
Richard Kirman Democrat 1935-1939
Edward Peter Carville Democrat 1939-1945
Val Montgomery Pittman Democrat 1945-1951
Charles Hinton Russell Republican 1951-1959
Frank Grant Sawyer Democrat 1959-1967
Pat Dominique Laxalt Republican 1967-1971
Donal Neil O'Callaghan Democrat 1971-1979
Robert Frank List Republican 1979-1983
Richard Hudson Bryan Democrat 1983-1989
Robert Joseph Miller Democrat 1989-1999
Kenny C. Guinn Republican 1999-2007
Jim Gibbons Republican 2007-2011
Brian Sandoval Republican 2011–present

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