Governors of Oregon

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A list of governors from the state of Oregon.[1]

Provisional Governors of Oregon

Name Years
George Abernathy 1845-1848

Territiorial Governors of Oregon

Name Party Years
Joseph Lane Democrat 1848-1850, 1853
Kintzing Prichette Democrat 1850
John P. Gaines Whig 1850-1853
George Law Curry Democrat 1853, 1854-1859
John W. Davis Democrat 1853-1854

State Governors of Oregon

Name Party Years
John Whiteaker Democrat 1859-1862
A. C. Gibbs Republican 1862-1866
George L. Woods Republican 1866-1870
Lafayette Grover Democrat 1870-1877
Stephen F. Chadwick Democrat 1877-1878
W. W.Thayer Democrat 1878-1882
Z. F. Moody Republican 1882-1887
Sylvester Pennoyer Populist Democrat 1887-1895
William Payne Lord Republican 1895-1899
T. T. Geer Republican 1899-1903
George E. Chamberlain Democrat 1903-1909
Frank W. Benson Republican 1909-1910
Jay Bowerman Republican 1910-1911
Oswald D. West Democrat 1911-1915
James Withycombe Republican 1915-1919
Ben W. Olcott Republican 1919-1923
Walter M. Pierce Democrat 1923-1927
I. L. Patterson Republican 1927-1929
A. W. Norblad Republican 1929-1931
Julius L. Meier Independent 1931-1935
Charles H. Martin Democrat 1935-1939
Charles A. Sprague Republican 1939-1943
Earl Snell Republican 1943-1947
John H. Hall Republican 1947-1949
Douglas McKay Republican 1949-1952
Paul L. Patterson Repubican 1952-1956
Elmo Smith Republican 1956-1957
Robert D. Holmes Democrat 1957-1959
Mark O. Hatfield Republican 1959-1967
Tom McCall Republican 1967-1975
Robert W. Straub Democrat 1975-1979
Victor Atiyeh Republican 1979-1987
Neil Goldschmidt Democrat 1987-1991
Barbara Roberts Democrat 1991-1995
John Kitzhaber Democrat 1995-2003
Ted Kulongoski Democrat 2003-2011
John Kitzhaber Democrat 2011-2015
Kate Brown Democrat 2015–present