Grand Canyon National Park

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The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a 277 mile long canyon in Arizona famed for its spectacular views. Young earth creationists believe that it was formed about 4500 years ago by rushing water after the Great Flood.[1][2] Most geologists, including the National Park Service, and Old earth creationists claim that the canyon is about six million years old, cut slowly by continual erosion from the Colorado River.[3]

Photographic Geology Tours

  • Colorado River Raft Tour. Take a virtual raft trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.
  • Phantom Ranch Tour. Hike into the Grand Canyon to Phantom Ranch along the Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails.
  • South Rim Tour. Tour the South Rim from the Little Colorado River Gorge to the Canyon Village area.
  • Historic Tour. See imagery from John Wesley Powell's Second Expedition (1871-1872).