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Most of the great achievements throughout history in the fields of art, culture, science and technology have been by teenagers. This may be because they are able to think in new and innovative ways, or their thinking is not hidebound by discredited nostrums. It may be due to the emergence of God-given talent at an early age, and the natural open-mindedness of young people before they may experience attempts to indoctrinate them towards certain worldviews. Biologically the rate of brain development, and according to some studies IQ, reportedly peak in smart individuals just prior to their teenage years.[1]

Achievements, listed by age at which they were made

  • 7 - Yehudi Menuhin gives his first solo violin performance with the San Francisco Symphony in 1923.
  • 8 - Frederic Chopin plays his first public piano performance, having already composed two polonaises (G minor and B flat major) at age 7.
  • 10 - Mark, author of the Gospel of Mark, witnesses the arrest of Jesus and develops the first Gospel.
  • 12 - Blaise Pascal had secretly worked out the first twenty-three propositions of Euclid by himself.
  • 12 - Jesus presents His wisdom in the temple in Jerusalem.
  • 12 - William "Willie" Johnson earned the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Seven Days Battle and on the Peninsula Campaign during the American Civil War. [4]
  • 13 - John wrote the first draft of the Gospel of John, the greatest written work of all time.[2]
  • 13 - Joan of Arc was inspired and led France five years later to victory over the English in the Hundred Years War; was martyred at age 19.[3]
  • 13 - Anne Frank began writing her diary, later published as "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl."
  • 14 - David slays Goliath.
  • 14 - Ismail founded the Safavid dynasty and became its "shah" (military and spiritual ruler)
  • 14 - Bobby Fischer became an International Chess Grandmaster.
  • 14 - Mozart wrote the opera, "Mitridate Rè di Ponto."
  • 14 - Nadia Comaneci "achieved in her sport what no Olympian, male or female, ever had before: perfection."[4]
  • 14 - St. Theresa of Lisieux rejected by Bishop Hugonin, pleads with Pope Leo XIII so she may enter the Carmelites. Became Carmelite nun at age 15.
  • 14 - Bernadette Soubirous (St Bernadette of Lourdes) has a vision of the Virgin Mary
  • 14 - The publication of Charles Schulz's first drawing of a dog, which became an inspiration for his cartoon strip Peanuts about a dog named Snoopy[5]
  • 14 - Aaron Swartz develops RSS. Swartz would go on to contest the private ownership of data by trying to liberate millions of academic articles from a corporation.
  • 15 - Jack Andraka developed a new method to detect pancreatic cancer. [6]
  • 15 - Louis Braille invented the Braille system.
  • 15 - Christopher Paolini writes the first draft of his Eragon trilogy which is published when he is 19.
  • 16 - Jean-François Champollion, can speak a dozen languages and delivers a paper on the Coptic language to the Grenoble Academy. By 20, he can speak another 13 languages and at 32 he deciphers the Rosetta Stone.
  • 16 - Boy sailor Jack Cornwall, of HMS Chester, is awarded a posthumous VC for gallantry at the Battle of Jutland.
  • 16 - the average age of 58 homeschooled teenagers who founded Conservapedia, so that the light of truth would continue to shine and darkness would not overcome it.
  • 16 - Sun Myung Moon writes Crown of Glory.
  • 17 - Cassie Bernall defended her faith in front of an atheistic gunman at the Columbine massacre, and was martyred for it[7]
  • 17* - Mary accepts God's will to conceive Jesus by the Holy Spirit, and gives birth nine months later.[8]
  • 17 - Shawn Fanning develops the first large-scale peer-to-peer file sharing program, Napster
  • 17 - Private 1st Class Jacklyn H. Lucas, United States Marine Corps, earned the Medal of Honor five days after his 17th birthday during the Iwo Jima battle in World War II; he was a Marine for three years. [5]
  • 17 - Pele scored six goals in four games in the 1958 World Cup, including perhaps the finest goal ever in the finals, leading Brazil to the championship.
  • 18 - Lila Rose, a UCLA student who had been homeschooled, goes undercover and does a stinging expose of an abortion clinic.[9]
  • 18 - Shawn Goldsmith from Long Island has earned all 121 merit badges offered by the Boy Scouts. [10]
  • 18 - Mary Shelley writes Frankenstein (The Modern Prometheus), later published when she was 21.
  • 18 - Garry Kasparov, considered the greatest chess player ever, won the U.S.S.R. championship.
  • 19 - Captain Albert Ball, VC, MC, DSO & 2 bars, commences his career as a fighter pilot. By the time he is killed, aged 20, in 1917, he has become one of the First World War's greatest air aces, accounting for at least 44 German aircraft.
  • 19 - was the average age of front-line US service personnel fighting to defend democracy in Indochina during the Vietnam War.
  • 19 - Evariste Galois applies group theory to the unsolvability of polynomial equations, before his death in a duel at age 20.
  • 19 - Babe Ruth began playing for the Boston Red Sox, in what would become the greatest baseball career in history.
  • 19 - Kirani James won the first Olympic gold medal for the small nation of Grenada, as the first non-American to run 400 meters in less than 44 seconds.
  • 19 - John D. Rockefeller starts a new company, turning an enormous profit in its first year, and became the most influential businessman in history.[11]
  • 19 - Steve Jobs begins collaborating in electronics with Steve Wozniak[12] in electronics, and developed the personal computer within two years.
  • 19 - Mark Zuckerberg commercializes Facebook, which later became the leading social networking system on the internet.
  • 19 - Jim Ryun broke the world record for running the mile.
  • 19 - Bill Gates co-founds Microsoft.
  • 20 - Carl Friedrich Gauss makes his first mathematical discoveries, which will lead to the completion of "Disquisitiones Arithmeticae", his magnum opus, at the age of 21.
  • 20 - Willis Carrier invents air conditioning.
  • 20 - Trevor Bayne, who had been homeschooled, became the youngest driver to win a Daytona 500 race.
  • 20 - Tim Tebow, who had been homeschooled, became the first sophomore and also the youngest person to win the Heisman Trophy.[13]

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