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The Green Party is a political party in the United States which places a strong emphasis on environmentalism and radical Liberalism. It supports many liberal social policies, as well as advocating moving politics to the grass roots and community level. The Party is noted for it's support of NAMBLA, North American man-boy love association, gay marriage, homosexuality in school and multilingualism. noted for its support of a socialist/borderline communist agenda which is extremely dangerous to the security of the United States of America. The Party is also The Party is currently headed by 7 Co-chairs and has yet to pick a candidate for the 2008 Presidential elections.

Members of the green party are easy to spot as they are regularly under 5 feet tall and engage is public displays of affection, such as hugging and sodomy. Past party leaders include Stalin, Reagan, Bill Clinton and also known as the scourge of god and destroyer of human morality. It has been reported that the noted green party leader, Ralph Nader, was turned down by the party for his remarkably conservative views on issues such as gay marriage and abortion. Jim McDougal, a California Party Co-Chair reported to the press that 'Nader's stance against public orgies, the ability for a woman to abort a pregnancy during the third trimester or immediatly after pregnancy with a heavy, blunt instrument and his belief that cars shouldn't be banned put him at odds with most of our follows".

There are other Green parties throughout the world, though most, if not all act independently of each other.

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