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Green conservatism

Green Conservatism was apparently termed by former Speaker Newt Gingrich in April 2007,.[1]

So what is Green Conservatism? Here are its basic values

  1. Green Conservatism favors clean air and clean water.
  2. Green Conservatism understands biodiversity as a positive good.
  3. Green Conservatism favors minimizing carbon loading in the atmosphere as a positive public value.
  4. Green Conservatism is pro-science, pro-technology and pro-innovation.
  5. Green Conservatism believes that green prosperity and green development are integral to the successful future of the human race.
  6. Green Conservatism believes that economic growth and environmental health are compatible in both the developed and developing world.
  7. Green Conservatism believes that we can realize more positive environmental outcomes faster by shifting tax code incentives and shifting market behavior than is possible from litigation and regulation.[2]

The need for a Green Conservatism is based on the need for conservatives to take part in the environmental debate instead of being marginalized to the point that the Left defines what environmentalism means.


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