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The HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) is an American manufactured multiple launch rocket system, or MLRS. Multiple Rocket Launch Systems are the backbone of any Soviet / Russian army. There are, only to name some of many, the GRAD (Short-range), Uragan (middle-range) and Smerch (long-range) MLRS systems. The Russian Smerch is comparable to the American HIMARS system.

Lockheed Martin which builds the HIMAR system and its missiles has a capacity to produce 10,000 GMLRS missiles per year for HIMARS, or ~800 per month. The US has about 1000+ HIMARs launchers, or roughly an ability to launch 100 missiles per year, per unit, if all systems were committed to a fight.

The Russian Hurricane M1 has been dubbed the 'HIMAR killer'.