Last modified on September 13, 2011, at 15:27

HIMP or HACCP-Based Inspection Models Project

HIMP is an effort to determine how FSIS can improve the use of its online slaughter inspectors and continue to ensure the reduction and/or elimination of defects that pass through traditional inspection. Under this project, FSIS has established performance standards for food safety and non-food safety defects (also known as “other consumer protections” or OCP) found in young chickens, hogs, and turkeys. The food safety performance standards are set at zero to protect consumers from conditions that may be harmful. The OCP performance standards are more stringent than current standards and thus require improved plant performance. Participating plants must revise their HACCP systems to meet these food safety performance standards and establish process control systems to address the OCP concerns. Under this project, FSIS conducts continuous inspection with verification to ensure that performance standards are met.


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