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Haley Stevens
Haley Stevens.jpg
U.S. Representative from Michigan's 11th Congressional District
From: January 3, 2019 – present
Predecessor Dave Trott
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Party Democrat
Spouse(s) None
Religion Protestant

Haley Maria Stevens (born June 24, 1983) is a U.S. representative from Michigan's 11th congressional district. She was elected in 2018, defeating Republican candidate Lena Epstein by roughly 23,000 votes.[1]

Stevens tweeted a vile depiction of Donald Trump as the Grim Reaper on March 26, 2020, something that she admitted to doing and outright described as “funny for both sides” and “similar to what potus does”.[2]

2018 campaign

Steven's campaign in 2018 promised to lower healthcare prices[3] and increase jobs. In addition, she was endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign,[4] a gay "rights" activist group.

One of Steven's campaign ads stated that she was "chief of staff" in Obama's "auto rescue",[2] despite Stevens actually only serving as a "confidential assistant".[5]


Stevens is a liberal progressive who supports LGBT "rights", useless stimulus spending, gun control, and minors getting abortions without parental consent.[6] A partisan shill, she sent out a meaningless tweet on March 26, 2020 calling President Trump a “mad man”.[7]

Absurd statements

Rep. Stevens is known for her erratic, high-tempered, and unpleasant personality.


While speaking at a town hall meeting held in a gun range, Stevens screamed: "THIS IS WHY THE NRA HAS GOT TO GO!!"[8]

Background checks

When asked on the rights of unborn children, Stevens bragged about co-sponsoring a bill to add background checks.[9]

Screaming on House floor

While speaking on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives presided by Anthony Brown (D-MD) about the coronavirus, Stevens went past her allotted one minute that was yielded to her, prompting Brown to pound the gavel.[10] Stevens, already agitated, began screaming without control, prompting Brown to yield an extra thirty seconds to her in the likewise manner of a parent pleasing a spoiled child.

Broken promises

Despite her campaign promises, Stevens has done nothing substantial to help job growth nor lower drug prices. Instead, she wastes time condemning Donald Trump's tweets[11] and voting to impeach him.[12]

Ethics violation

According to a watchdog group, Stevens violated ethics rules by fundraising off of her rant on the House floor over the coronavirus.[13]


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