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Hanif Tarin (Urdu: حنیف ترین‎), born Hanif Shah Khan (Urdu: حنیف شاہ خان‎) is an Indian Urdu poet, author, and physician. He has published several books of poetry and prose. Several of his collections were translated into Arabic and English including The Truth of Terrorism, that was highly appreciated by literary figures and former Indian president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He received awards for his literary works. Tarin has been described as a "friend of mankind".[1][2]

Early years

Tarin was born in Sarai Tarin, Sambhal in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He received his primary and higher education in India. He obtained a Bachelor of Medicine degree in Srinagar, Kashmir, and Doctor of Medicine from Aligarh Muslim University. He moved to Saudi Arabia in 1983 and has been working as a physician for last three decades.[1] [2]

Literary career

Tarin began his literary career at the time of his primary education. He has published many books in poetry form and prose. Several of his books have also been translated into Arabic and English, including The Truth of Terrorism, a work praised by former Indian president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Tarin has also received literary awards from Indian Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy and Delhi Urdu Academy. Commenting on Tarin's work, a prominent educator and social worker Nadeem Tarin said: "There is a simplicity with which Hanif explains the fever and fret of the world, and makes the reader yearn for more."[1][2][3]



  • Rubab 1992 [3] (رباب صحرا)
  • Kitab Sahra 1995[3] ( کتاب صحرا)
  • Baid Unul Watan (in Arabic) 1997[3] ( بعیدعن الوطن)
  • Kusht-e-Ghazal Numa 1998[3] ( کشت غزل)
  • Zameen La-Pata Rahi 2001[1] (زمین لاپتہ رہی)
  • AbabeeleiN NaheiN AaeN 2004 [3] (ابابیلیں ںہیں آئیں)
  • Lala-e-Sehraee 2013 [3] (لالا ئے صحرا ئے)


  • Shaks, Shair, Shairi [3] (شخص، شاعر،شاعری)
  • The Truth of Terrorism (in English) [1]


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