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Harrison Butker is a kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, drafted in the 2017 off season by the Carolina Panthers from Georgia Tech. After his rookie season, was signed in the 2018 offseason by Kansas City where he has played ever since. He is consistently noted as one, if not the, most accurate kicker to be placed on a field [1].


He is a member of the Roman Catholic Church (he refers to as the Latin Church), serving at the alter [2]. He is a very vocal believer of Jesus Christ, especially on most social media outlets[3].

Political Affiliates

Harrison has also been noted as having taken a picture beside Missouri Senatorial candidate, Mark McCloskey [4]. Mark is noted as a rather libertarian, unliked in St. Louis with parts of Kansas City and made national headlines when he was pictured wielding an AR-15 in defense of his private property against a roving band of Black Lives Matter protestors in St. Louis. While the tweet was deleted and there was never a formal endorsement, it leads many to wonder. He posted a tweet in which he described the movie 'Unplanned' as "Riveting".[5]