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The fix was in: Hillary Clinton was the intellectual property lawyer for a company that peddled spying software to banks on behalf of the US intelligence community since 1978 through her friend, Mary Jacoby, wife of FusionGPS founder Glenn Simpson

The Hillary Clinton email scandal began when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton intentionally violated the Federal Records Act, stole and destroyed government property belonging to the National Archives and the American people. Evidence suggests the 33,000 emails Hillary Clinton admitted to destroying are related to the Uranium One bribery scandal.[1]

Barack Obama knew of the illegal server and was at risk. Obama communicated with Hillary Clinton about 30 times on the unsecure server, including from the territory of Russia where it likely was hacked, according to the FBI. Hillary had effectively compromised the President himself as her own "insurance policy" against prosecution, and to hide her pay-to-play schemes.

The Obama Department of Justice under Loretta Lynch and FBI under its disgraced director James Comey scuttled the investigation. Clinton was supposedly "exonerated" by Comey in an extraordinarily weird public press conference that violated DOJ regulations, processes, and chain of command. Comey's "absolution" a few weeks before the 2016 Democratic Convention gave the appearance of clearing her way for nomination as the Democratic party presidential candidate.[2] America is not a police state, and the police neither determine guilt or innocence nor make the decision to prosecute based on investigatory evidence. Yet Democrat progressives believed the American people gullible enough to accept naked malfeasance and mis-administration of justice.

Illegal server and cover-up

The private system Clinton set up was in violation of government and State Department regulations. Her staff fought efforts to bring her into the government email system – even though she forced the resignation of an ambassador for conducting government business over an unauthorized private email system.

When the request was made that Clinton surrender her emails to the State Department, she turned them over to her own lawyers and the subordinates who did not have the security clearances required for access to the information. She destroyed tens of thousands of emails, even though they were under subpoena, so that they could not be reviewed by the State Department or the FBI. Of the 30,000 she deigned to surrender to the State Department, over 2,000 contained classified information, some of it among the nation's most highly classified national-defense secrets. And she serially lied in her public statements about her emails, in congressional testimony (in which she brazenly claimed to have turned over all work-related email to the State Department, and that her lawyers had carefully reviewed every email before designating which should be surrendered and which withheld), and in her FBI interview (in which she pretended not to know what the ubiquitous “[C]” designation — for Confidential — in classified documents meant).

Pattern of conduct

The Office of Secretary of State is on the 7th floor of the State Department building. Security protocols do not allow any outside, non-State Department electronic transmission or listening devices on the 7th floor. Hillary Clinton insisted upon using her own personal Blackberry and refused to use State Department issued equipment and a State Department email account. For four years, when at work in her State Department Office suite, the Secretary of State was incommunicado with anyone she wanted to communicate with, or who needed to communicate with her, whether professional, diplomatic, or personal.

Fortunately for her, the job of Secretary of State required a lot of traveling. The Secretary usually is in the office only once a month when he/she returns to Washington D.C. for a monthly Congressional Oversight hearing. While on the road Hillary used exclusively her personal Blackberry tied to an email account server in her Chappaqua New York home.

Because of her insistence on using personal equipment, emails from her via the Chappaqua server were put on the State Department's spam block list. Huma Abedin pleaded with her to get an official state.gov email account. Hillary responded saying, “Let’s get separate address or device but I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible.”[3] Clinton later admitted to having emailed over 100 government officials, including President Obama, through her personal email account.[4]

It has been established Hillary knew both her Blackberry and Chappaqua server were vulnerable to hackers. After a bureaucratic fight, the State Department accommodated her by disabling some of their security features to allow access from the Chappaqua server.

Criminal investigations of Hillary Clinton fundamentally surround three issues:

The issue of intent was reviewed by the inspector general's offices in the State Department and the U.S. Intelligence Community which referred the case to the FBI for criminal investigation after it was determined the Chappaqua server contained classified information. The Chappaqua server was hacked and sensitive classified information compromised.[5]

When Hillary moved her server to Platte River Networks, it was a further violation of law.

Bill Clinton met privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Days later FBI Director James Comey closed the investigation. Later it was revealed President Obama communicated with Hillary on the server using a pseudonym, which implies he was aware of the abuse. As in the Jeffrey Epstein child sex scandal, the FBI whitewashed the investigation.

Chinese hacking

The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG), Charles McCullough III - an Obama Appointee in 2011, found that virtually all of Hillary Clinton's emails were sent to a “foreign entity.” According to McCullough, his attempts to bring this information to a higher level were met with threats to his job and family.[6] Vice Chairman of the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations Rep. Louie Gohmert, in sworn statements at a July 12 House Committee on the Judiciary hearing, Gohmert did not reveal the entity's identity, but said it was unrelated to Russia.[7]

The Boston Herald reported a Chinese-owned company operating in Washington, D.C., hacked Hillary Clinton's private server throughout her term as secretary of state and obtained nearly all her emails. The Chinese firm obtained Clinton's emails in real time as she sent and received communications and documents through her personal server, according to the sources, who said the hacking was conducted as part of a state sponsored intelligence operation. The Chinese wrote code that was planted in the server kept in Clinton's residence in upstate New York. The code generated an instant “courtesy copy” for nearly all of her emails and forwarded those copies to the Chinese company.[8]

Echoing the ICIG report and Rep Gohmert, President Trump has accused China of hacking Clinton's emails as well.[9]

The FBI has claimed they have no evidence of Chinese hacking. However, this claim pertains only to the FBI itself versus the intelligence community at large. If the intelligence had been developed by another agency - the NSA or CIA, for example, the information would have been compartmentalized and, therefore, would not have been passed along.

Pay to play scams

Main article : Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest

Rosatom-Uranium One deal

Main article: Uranium One bribery scandal

In 'resetting' relations with Russia, Secretary Clinton gave approval to a deal that allowed a Russian government enterprise to control one-fifth of all uranium producing capacity in the United States.[10] Rosatom, the Russian company, acquired Uranium One, a Utah mining company owned by a Canadian firm and run by Frank Giustra (pron. Ju-stra). Giustra is a member of the Clinton Foundation Board. The transaction required Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's approval. Giustra then donated over $130 million to the Clinton family non-profit foundation.[11][12]

According to the New York Times money began flowing into the Foundation before the transaction was complete.

Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.
And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.[13]

Between August 28 and September 3, 2015 an FBI agent sent notification to preserve records to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; U.S. Dept. of Treasury; Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI James Clapper); National Counter Terrorism Center; and the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE),[14] the National Security Agency (NSA – Admiral Mike Rogers) the United States Secret Service (USSS);[15] the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the Department of Defense in relation to Hillary Clinton email scandal.[16][17] All member agencies of the CFIUS group necessary for approval of the Uranium One deal. During these notifications on August 31 Vadim Mikerin was allowed to plead guilty to lesser a charge.[18]

APCO Worldwide

APCO Worldwide, a global communications firm that lobbied on behalf of Rosatom and it's American subsidiary Tenex at the time of the Uranium One deal, vastly understated its support for the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). The Hill discovered APCO provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in pro-bono services and in-kind contributions which APCO reported, but CGI did not. In the fall of 2011 APCO's lists in-kind contribution at $275,000, and the annual report submitted to the United Nations Global Compact, boasted “APCO significantly increased its pro-bono support for CGI and, for the first time, our team managed the press around CGI’s America meeting, as well as its global Annual Meeting."

William Campbell, the FBI's confidential informant in the Uranium One scandal, informed Congress that he was told by top Russian officials that APCO was hired specifically because it had close connections to the Obama administration and the Clintons. “His Russian counterparts made clear to him they valued APCO’s connections to the Clinton Global Initiative and expected it to grow while the firm was working for Tenex,” Campbell's attorney Victoria Toensing said. “And he reported those conversations back to the FBI.”

Hillary Clinton and staff considered at least one APCO lobbyist, former career ambassador Elizabeth Jones, for two top jobs. “At Friday's meeting, Hillary made clear Beth Jones was her first choice for Ambassador to Iraq. Since I don't know her, we agreed that I should meet with her today or tomorrow,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote Clinton confidant John Podesta in a 2009 email. Clinton's top aides successfully vetted her in 2011 to become a special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan

Laureate International Universities

Between 2010 and 2014 while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State, Bill Clinton made $16.5 million for his role as honorary chancellor of Laureate Education, a for-profit college company which operates in 30 countries.[19] The State Department funneled $55 million in grants during Hillary Clinton's tenure to groups associated with Laureate's founder. The International Youth Federation, an organization connected to Laureate chairman Douglas Becker, received USAID funding.[20] Becker is a major donor to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.[21][22] In her first year as Secretary of State, Hillary is quoted as directly asking that Laureate be included in a high-profile policy dinner — just months before the lucrative contract was given to Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton references in an email “Laureate Universities, started by Doug Becker who Bill likes a lot".[23] “It’s a for-profit model that should be represented,” she wrote in the August 2009 email.[24][25]

For-profit colleges have been criticized by education experts for low graduation rates and do little more than saddle students with insurmountable debt. In the case of Laureate, the scam has been spread to no less than 30 countries.

Federal Bureau of Matters

Main article: FBI scandal

The fix was in for Hillary Clinton from the gitgo.[26][27] The very codename selected for the "matter" - Midyear Exam - suggests the collegial atmosphere of the exercise pointing to final graduation and promotion - Hillary Clinton's election as president. From its origins Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and FBI Director Jimmy Comey treated the "matter" as "time sensitive,"[28] i.e. working under a deadline to clear Hillary Clinton before the 2016 Democratic Nominating Convention.[29][30]

On September 28, 2015, Loretta Lynch, Matthew Axelrod, and George Toscas met with Jimmy Comey, James Rybicki, and then FBI Deputy Director Giuliano to coordinate what to say in media and congressional appearances.[31] Lynch instructed Comey not to refer to it as an "investigation," but rather as a "matter," reflecting Clinton campaign talking points. Toscas said to Comey, "I guess you're the Federal Bureau of Matters now,"[32] provoking laughter around the room.

Two weeks later Obama intervened on behalf of Clinton on 60 Minutes. The OIG found that some people in the DOJ and FBI became suspicious of political bias because of Obama's comments.[33] Calls for a Special Counsel to take over mounted.[34] Comey told the OIG that he never considered a Special Counsel after Lynch's instruction to use the term "matter," or President Obama's public comments and intervention in the investigation.

PADAG Matthew Axelrod didn't consider the email scandal a criminal investigation, although everyone else in the DOJ and FBI did.[35] Axelrod claimed it was a security breach in the intelligence community where agencies outside the State Department wanted their classified material back.

So while the FBI rushed to clear Hillary in the email scandal before her July nomination, Yates and Axelrod then sought to tamp down the ongoing Clinton Foundation investigation before the November election.[36]

The OIG report is replete with denials by Yates and Axelrod of interference by political appointees, and self-serving statements limiting their involvement to offering the FBI adequate "resources" and "everything they need" -- "resources" and "everything they need" meaning more people involved in the case.[37] They had already taken the investigation away from the New York DOJ and FBI offices, where the crime was committed, and given it to the DOJ National Security Division and Washington FBI field office so as to purposely limit the number people with knowledge and direct involvement in the case.

The DOJ's decision to share blame with the FBI for bad decisions in the Hillary Clinton "matter" appears to have been pushed by Axelrod and a few others.[38] Comey's self-righteous ego lent him to manipulation. Eventually his penchant for upstaging his bosses led him, twice, to make himself the perfect fall guy for DOJ leadership.[39] Comey justified playing hero and martyr with pathetic pronouncements about preserving the integrity of institutions which had delivered a predetermined outcome of the "matter" in July,[40] and in October failed to investigate the Weiner laptop at all,[41] after supposedly re-opening the "matter" to review and clear 600,000 Clinton emails of classified information in six days.[42]

Obama's intervention

In a nationally televised address on April 10, 2016 President Obama intervened on behalf of the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Obama made clear that he did not want criminal charges brought against Clinton. Obama made two points: Mrs. Clinton 1) had exhibited “carelessness,” and 2) had not intended to breach national security when she stored and transmitted classified information on her private system.

Three weeks later Dir. Comey wrote an internal memo saying Hillary Clinton and others were guilty of gross negligence, punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment;[43] Comey sent draft copies of a public announcement he was planning to Dep. Dir. Andrew McCabe, FBI General Counsel James Baker and Chief of Staff James Rybicki for their input.[44] But Comey already decided not to recommend prosecution of Clinton after Obama's public intervention. Clinton herself and 17 other key witnesses had not yet been interviewed.

Comey's memo further is evidence that he wholly anticipated to usurp the Attorney General's authority. It contradicts his sworn testimony that he only decided days in advance of his announcement not to recommend prosecution. The entire Democrat/Deep state theory was to allow the FBI to pick the next President of the United States - Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump - and the America people would passively and willingly acquiesce.

The FBI admitted it recovered thousands of State Dept. emails that originated or passed through Clinton's private server — some which had been deleted — that were never turned over to the State Department as required. Comey told Sen. Grassley that the FBI did investigate whether violations of Federal Records Act occurred.

'Intent' not an issue

The principal felony offense in Clinton's case is the willful retention or transmission of classified information — subsections (d) and (e) of the Espionage Act (section 793 of the federal penal code). To prove this offense, the prosecutor must prove that the official 1) had possession of the information, 2) had “reason to believe [it] could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation,” 3) transmitted it to an authorized person or place, or failed to deliver it on demand to an authorized government agency, and 4) acted willfully, which means acting intentionally and with an understanding that one's actions are wrongful. This is a straightforward case of criminal intent.

There is no requirement to prove an intent to harm the United States. The statute calls only for an awareness that the information could be used to hurt the U.S. or benefit a foreign nation. To be guilty, the official does not need to want that to happen; she must merely be aware that it could happen. Of course, every government official who is privileged to hold a security clearance is well aware of this. Making the official aware of it and having the official expressly acknowledge her awareness are essential parts of the indoctrination that is a condition of getting the clearance. And thus every government official with a security clearance knows it is wrongful to transfer classified information to a person not authorized to have it or to a place where its storage is not authorized.[45]

Agent Peter Strzok changed the term “grossly negligent” in Comey's memo to “extremely careless.” If Comey used the words “grossly negligent,” it would be the equivalent of pronouncing Clinton guilty. The pre-edited statement read “we assess it is reasonably likely that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s private email account.” However, Comey's July 5 public statement read, “Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail account.”

Senate Homeland Security chairman Ron Johnson stated, "The edits to Director Comey’s public statement,[46] made months prior to the conclusion of the FBI’s investigation of Secretary Clinton’s conduct, had a significant impact on the FBI’s public evaluation of the implications of her actions." Johnson stated the edits “raise profound questions about the FBI’s role and possible interference in the 2016 presidential election and the role of the same agents in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Trump.”[47]

Comey's endgame

FBI director James Comey decided well in advance, before the investigation was complete but after he determined Sec. Clinton had committed felonies, not to recommend prosecution. His recommendation came on the heals of President Obama's high-profile intervention in the case. Comey perjured himself on numerous occasions about what, when, and why he made the recommendation not to prosecute Clinton.

Comey and Strzok conspired together to obstruct justice. Strzok suggested reducing Comey's finding of felonious gross negligence against Hillary Clinton with the obsequious characterization of extremely careless.[48] On July 5, 2016 Comey echoed Obama's words that Sec. Clinton and staff were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information," and "there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information…There is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton’s position, or in the position of those with whom she was corresponding about the matters, should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation." Comey referred the matter to the Justice Dept. for a prosecutorial decision. In the absence of prosecution, security or administrative sanctions are the norm.[49] Comey's decision to by-pass DoJ rules and take matters into his own hands may have been part of a counterintelligence operation.[50]

Comey's insubordination

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote in a performance review of Comey's behavior,

"The director was wrong to usurp the Attorney General's authority on July 5, 2016, and announce his conclusion that the case should be closed without prosecution.

It is not the function of the Director to make such an announcement. At most, the Director should have said the FBI had completed its investigation and presented its findings to federal prosecutors. The Director now defends his decision by asserting that he believed attorney General Loretta Lynch had a conflict. But the FBI Director is never empowered to supplant federal prosecutors and assume command of the Justice Department. There is a well-established process for other officials to step in when a conflict requires the recusal of the Attorney General. On July 5, however, the Director announced his own conclusions about the nation's most sensitive criminal investigation, without the authorization of duly appointed Justice Department leaders.

Compounding the error, the Director ignored another longstanding principle: we do not hold press conferences to release derogatory information about the subject of a declined criminal investigation. Derogatory information sometimes is disclosed in the course of criminal investigations and prosecutions, but we never release it gratuitously. The Director laid out his version of the facts for the news media as if it were a closing argument, but without a trial. It is a textbook example of what federal prosecutors and agents are taught not to do.

In response to skeptical question at a congressional hearing, the Director defended his remarks by saying that his "goal was to say what is true. What did we do, what did we find, what do we think about it." But the goal of a federal criminal investigation is not to announce our thoughts at a press conference. The goal is to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to justify a federal criminal prosecution, then allow a federal prosecutor who exercises authority delegated by the Attorney General to make a prosecutorial decision, and then - if prosecution is warranted - let the judge and jury determine the facts. We sometimes release information about closed investigations in appropriate ways, but the FBI does not do it sua sponte."[51]

Although originally not planning on asking him to resign,[52] President Donald Trump, at the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, fired Comey for being unfit to serve in the position.[53] Democrats and liberals were dismayed at the decision,[54] but it showed that Trump was serious about shaking up D.C. and "draining the swamp."[55]

McCabe's conflict of interest

On January 12, 2017, one week before President-elect Trump was sworn in, an FBI Inspector General began a review of Andrew McCabe, FBI Deputy Dir. and others for conflict of interest in the Hillary Clinton email probe.[56] McCabe, who assisted in writing the bogus Benghazi talking points for Susan Rice and oversaw the whitewashing of Hillary's email investigation, is married to a candidate for the Virginia state Senate who took $700,000 from Terry McAuliffe's PAC while the FBI's investigation of Clinton's emails was ongoing. McAuliffe simultaneously with Clinton was under FBI investigation for pay-to-play schemes involving a Chinese businessman.[57] McAuliffe ran Bill Clinton's 1996 presidential campaign which was marred by a foreign influence peddling scheme known as Chinagate. McAuliffe was Hillary's 2008 campaign manager. McCabe succeeded James Comey as Acting FBI Director after Comey's firing. McCabe's last act as Acting FBI Dir. was illegally seizing a transcript of Paul Manafort's Congressional testimony which specifically was outside a warrant served on Manafort in June 2016.

Strzok's bias

Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin lie to FBI investigator Peter Strzok. “Mills did not learn Clinton was using a private server until after Clinton’s [Department of State] tenure...Mills stated she was not even sure she knew what a server was at the time....Abedin did not know that Clinton had a private server until about a year and a half ago when it became public knowledge.”[58] Email exchanges from 2009 to 2011 exist in which both Mills and Abedin directly discussed or were involved in discussing Clinton's server. Mills asked about it in a Feb. 27, 2010 email to Abedin and an aide to Bill Clinton who helped set up the Clinton Chappaqua server. “Ur funny. We are on the same server,” Cooper replied. Mills and Abedin were also involved in an Aug. 30, 2011 exchange in which State Department official Stephen Mull mentioned that Clinton's “email server is down.” In a Jan. 9, 2011 email exchange, Cooper told Abedin that Clinton's server had been malfunctioning because “someone was trying to hack us.” “Had to shut down the server,” wrote Cooper, who told the FBI in his interviews that he discussed Clinton's server with Abedin in 2009, when it was being set up. Neither Mills or Abedin were prosecuted for making lying to the FBI.

Cambotta immunity

On September 8, 2016, Congress discovered that Paul Combetta of Platte River Networks was granted immunity by the Department of Justice in relation to information he provided to the FBI in its investigation into the Clinton email server. On September 13, 2016, Combetta appeared before a Congressional oversight committee and invoked the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination, refusing to testify.[59]

Inspector General investigation

A protracted 18 month Inspector General investigation found:

  • The fix was in by September 2015, a few weeks after the investigation began. DOJ prosecutors determined the outcome by a tortured reading of the Espionage Act of 1918 (18 USC Sec. 793(f)). Intent is not required to prove culpability, yet DOJ prosecutors told the Inspector General (IG) that they interpreted the provision to require that the person accused must possess knowledge that the information is classified, and that the conduct must be so gross as to almost suggest deliberate intent. This misapplied standard would require a smoking gun text or email to prove intent, which was unlikely.
  • As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was a prime generator of classified information. Virtually anything she wrote is classified at some level. Markings are irrelevant. Hillary Clinton never used her .gov email account once, ever.
  • Comey and other FBI witnesses told the IG that prosecutors were overly cautious because they were intimidated by high-powered defense attorneys. Comey said there was a lack of aggressiveness that wasn't politically motivated, it was "just the normal cowardice."
  • DOJ prosecutors determined to rely on consent agreements to gather evidence, rather than search warrants and subpeaonas which the FBI preferred. Even Peter Strzok said he was “aggravated by the limitations” that the prosecutors were placing on the FBI's ability to obtain evidence.
  • The FBI's internal Inspection Division (INSD) File Review team found that the FBI conducted a thorough investigation within the constraints imposed by DOJ, but the structure of the investigation and prosecution team hindered the ability of the investigative team to obtain full, accurate and timely information. The IG commented, "it would have been better to run the Midyear investigation as a traditional criminal investigation out of a Criminal Investigative Division (CID) field office, rather than as a counterintelligence investigation out of [the Criminal Division]."
  • Hillary Clinton received preferential treatment through limited use of a grand jury. Prosecutors used a grand jury to obtain search warrants and subpeaonas, however no witnesses or targets were subpeaonaed or testified. Prosecutors claimed calling witnesses would require grand jurors learning classified information, and approval of the originating agency of the classified information would be too much of a time-consuming process.
  • The IG found that the presidential campaign was a consideration. Deputy Asst. Attorney General David Laufman worried a Clinton subpeaona might leak to the media and be used for political purposes. Instead, Clinton was allowed to make an appointment (possibly finalized at the Lynch tarmac meeting) for a voluntary interview, with ground rules. David Kendall negotiated the deal. It was not the typical interrogation that would occur in either a counterintelligence or criminal investigation. No oath, transcript, or video was made.
  • The IG determined no one in the DOJ or FBI confessed or admitted to political bias.

Associated scandals

Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer

Sidney Blumenthal is one of Hillary Clinton's closest advisors. It was Blumenthal who spread the smear on Monica Lewinsky that she was stalking President Bill Clinton, a smear dutifully repeated by mainstream media sources.[60] Cody Shearer is a longtime Clinton dirty trickster. It was Shearer who was identified by MSNBC's Chris Matthews as the mysterious stranger who threatened Kathleen Willey and her children before testifying on behalf of Paula Jones in her sexual harassment suit against Bill Clinton.[61]

Blumenthal was officially barred by the Obama White House from serving in the Obama administration because aides believed Blumenthal was the source of Islamophobic and racist attacks on Barack Obama on behalf of Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic primaries.[62][63]

On May 14, 2011 an email exchange between Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer shows they are negotiating with Tyler Drumheller to contract with Gen. David Grange to send four operatives on a week-long mission to Tunis, Tunisia, and to the border of Libya and back. Blumenthal joined a business partnership with Shearer, former CIA official Tyler Drumheller, and former Major General Grange in Grange's company Osprey Global Solutions. Osprey was trying to win a contract with the Libyan jihadis to train and assist them in the Libyan war, needing Sec. Clinton's approval. Shearer writes, “Sid, do you think the general has to send four guys. He told us three guys yesterday, a translator and two other guys. I understand the difficulty of the mission and realize that K [a Libyan] will be repaid but I am going to need an itemized budget for these guys.”.[64] An email from Drumheller to Blumenthal reveals that the trip will cost around $60,000 for four people, including someone named Khalifa al Sherif. This person is a secret source known as “K” in some of Blumenthal's other Libya-related emails to Clinton. (Gawker, 3/27/2015)[65]

On July 14, 2011 Blumenthal emailed Clinton about the private security company he invested in, Osprey Global Solutions. Blumenthal tells Clinton about Osprey's attempt to get a contract to give “field medical help, military training, organize supplies and logistics” to Libyan jihadis fighting Gaddafi. "Grange can train their forces and he has drawn up a plan for taking [the Libyan capitol of] Tripoli… This is a private contract. It does not involve NATO. It puts Americans in a central role without being direct battle combatants. The TNC [the rebel Transitional National Council] wants to demonstrate that they are pro-US. They see this as a significant way to do that. They are enthusiastic about this arrangement.” Furthermore, “Tyler, Cody, and I acted as honest brokers, putting this arrangement together through a series of connections, linking the Libyans to Osprey and keeping it moving.” Blumenthal is a private citizen, journalist, and Clinton Foundation employee at the time. (Yahoo, 10/8/2015) (US Department of State, 1/7/2016)

On January 27, 2013 Cody Shearer sends Blumenthal a clearly classified document in an email. The subject heading for the email is: “Sid – This is Classified.” There is no text, but a document is attached called “Washington,_DC_Itinerary_for_D.doc.” Blumenthal has no security clearance to receive classified information.[66]

Throughout the 2016 presidential election Cody was tasked by the Clinton machine to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. Shearer authored a report and gave it to Blumenthal, who gave it to State Department official Jonathan Winer,[67] who then gave it to Christopher Steele, who passed it on to the FBI.[68] The document is dated October 19, 2016 and was not included in BuzzFeed's January 10, 2017 release of the Steele dossier. The document is said to contain allegations of Trump's personal sexual and financial affairs.

By early 2017 when the Clinton-Steele dossier was exposed as a fraud and no Russian collusion was found, The Guardian reported that the FBI was examining a "second Steele dossier"[69] - known now as the Shearer dossier. Congressional investigators began looking at how Clinton operatives funneled opposition research to the State Department which made their way into FBI investigative files.[70] At this same time stories about a porn actress who claimed to have had an affair with Trump, was paid off, and like Kathleen Willey, claimed she and her child were threatened by a "mysterious stranger" to keep silent appeared in the mainstream media.[71]

Terry McAuliffe investigation

See: Chinagate

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe was co-chairman of President Bill Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign. In that capacity he was a very successful fundraiser. Consequently, when the Clinton's left the White House in 2001, he was rewarded with chairmanship of the Democratic National Party. In 2008 he was chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. In May 2016 McAuliffe came under FBI investigation for illegal campaign donations from a Chinese businessman.[72] McAuliffe invited the same man to Hillary Clinton's Washington DC home to meet Hillary.[73][74] Throughout the email probe when things looked darkest even to loyal Democrats and partisan surrogates, Hillary would smuggly reiterated, "I am confident they'll find nothing." The reason became apparent readily enough.

McAuliffe's political-action committee, Common Good VA, donated $467,500 to the 2015 state Senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, who is married to Andrew McCabe, who later became deputy director of the FBI. The Virginia Democratic Party, over which McAuliffe exerts considerable control, donated an additional $207,788 worth of support to Dr. McCabe's campaign in the form of mailers, according to the records. That adds up to slightly more than $675,000 to her candidacy from entities either directly under Mr. McAuliffe's control or strongly influenced by him. The figure represents more than a third of all the campaign funds Dr. McCabe raised in the effort. Responding to a Wall Street Journal exposé on the Clinton pay-to-play scandals, FBI issued a press release:

Months after the completion of her campaign, then-Associate Deputy Director McCabe was promoted to Deputy, where, in that position, he assumed for the first time, an oversight role in the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails.

At the time the Clinton email probe was launched in July 2015, McCabe was running the FBI's Washington, D.C., field office, which provided personnel and resources to the Clinton email probe. At the end of July 2015, McCabe was promoted to FBI headquarters and assumed the No. 3 position at the agency. In February 2016, he became FBI Director James Comey's second-in-command. As deputy director, McCabe was part of the executive leadership team overseeing the Clinton email investigation. McCabe was instrumental in supervising Hillary's investigation the subsequently clearing her.[75]

Rilin Enterprises, a Chinese firm run by Wang Wenliang, a member of the Chinese parliament with close security and intelligence connections to the Chinese government, donated $2 million.[76][77] After a meeting between Mr. Wenliang and former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe in Hillary's Washington, D.C. home, McAuliffe came under FBI investigation as well.[78][79]


Main articles: Murder of Seth Rich and Clinton body count

Clinton talking points emphasized the idea that US intelligence, the same people who brought you the WMD debacle, claim Russia and Putin are responsible for the hack of DNC servers which resulted in the firing of Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. This presumably would exonerate anyone connected with the DNC or Clinton campaign from complity in the Murder of Seth Rich.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails provided by Wikileaks showed clear collusion between Clinton, mainstream media outlets, and the DNC to smear Bernie Sanders. Thousands of hopeful millennials felt betrayed by the Democratic party. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced out on the eve of the convention, less than 24 hours after dozens of emails were published by Wikileaks showing her and her staff rigging the primary elections for Hillary Clinton.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has offered $20,000 cash reward for the arrest and conviction of Seth Rich's killers or killer, the alleged whistleblower who provided the DNC emails to Wikileaks and was murdered execution style in early July 2016. Hillary says of Assange in an email, "Can't we just drone this guy?"[80] To silence Assange, Wikileaks internet access was cut by the government of Ecuador after the release of Hillary's private paid speech to Goldman Sachs. Wikileaks Director, Prof. Gavin Macfayden, was found dead the following week. Macfayden's death was the third of a close associate of Assange in 6 months.[81]

Google and Benghazi

After the Benghazi attack, Hillary's State Department was in contact with Google. Hillary publicly claimed a controversial video was the source of a 'spontaneous' riot which proved to be a knowingly false statement. Google participated in the ruse by agreeing to block the video even after President Obama admitted it was a pre-planned terrorist attack. Copies of the email were forwarded to Denis McDonough, Cheryl Mills, Patrick F Kennedy, Jake Sullivan and John Brennan. The email also contains contact information for Google CEO Larry Page and YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar including their mobile and office phone numbers.[82]

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