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The Hippopotamus or River Horse is a large African mammal that eats mostly plants. Once living in northern Africa, the hippopotamus is now only found south of the Sahara. The hippopotamus may have been the behemoth mentioned in Job 40:15-24. The hippopotamus and pygmy hippopotamus are the only living species, a small number of extinct species are also known from fossils.

A hippo.


Hippopotamuses may weigh up to 7000 pounds and reach 5 feet in height. They live in schools and submerge themselves in rivers to protect themselves from the sun, coming up for air every 5 minutes or so.


A hippopotamus is a herbivore, eating up to 150 pounds of grass in a night. They are able to regurgitate their food, chew it again as cud, and then swallow it for digestion. Hippos have been known to attack crocodiles and humans. More people die from hippo attacks than from lions.[Citation Needed]


Hippos are born underwater and have to swim to the surface to breath. While young hippopotamuses can float, when they get older they sink and must bounce along the bottom of the river.[Citation Needed]