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Holly Fisher (or Holly Renee) is a blogger who is most known for her pro-life and pro-gun stances. She caused a firestorm among liberals when she posted a picture of herself in front of a Hobby Lobby with a Chick-fil-A cup and a pro-life T-shirt.[1]

Liberal Smear Campaign

Liberals have tried to argue with her at every turn and have failed every time. In typical liberal fashion, they have called her "Jihad Barbie"[2] for daring to pose in front of an American Flag with a rifle and a bible. Naturally Liberal bloggers are also trying their best to sic their fans against her in violent ways. Holly Fisher has state she and her family have been the target of death threats.[3]

Liberals who claim to be on the side of women in their made-up War on Women ignore the real war on women when it comes to the constant smear campaign against her,[4] a smear campaign with sexist comments that wouldn't be lodged against her had she been a liberal or even a male.