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Which time period or periods in American History do you expect to enjoy studying the most? Why?

Simply said, the Jacksonian Era is enjoyable, while World War 2 and the Great Depression are eye opening snap-shots of History. The Jacksonian Era and the idea of manifest destiny played an enormous role in America’s roots. World War 2 and the Great Depression are key catastrophes we must remember so that history will not repeat itself.

Terrific answer, may use as a model answer.

When do you think the Native Americans came here, and was it right for Europeans to settle here afterward?

The Native Americans arrived shortly after the Genesis flood and the Tower of Babel. Genesis 11:8 explains how the Lord dispersed them from there (“there” being the land of Shinar) all over the earth. This generation was also close descendants from Noah, who was a ship builder.

The European settlers had as much right as any other inhabitant on earth to claim the Native Americans land for their own. Any individual who would call this life home and possessed the resources and means to achieve their goal, yet did not, would be insane.

Excellent answer again, with a good citation to back up your view. Well done!

Christopher Columbus: overrated, or not given enough credit? Explain.

Christopher Columbus has received a just amount of credit and renown. However secular historians have left out his steadfast devotion and fear of God. As well as the fact that, although Christopher Columbus was the first explorer to be able to broadcast the discovery of the new continent, he was not the first to sail by its shores. In 300 B.C., the Greek writer Theopompus wrote about a continent across the Atlantic Ocean, as did Diodorus in 100 B.C. Also in Tennessee there are ruins of an ancient campsite holding written records in Hebrew which date around 100 A.D. Off the coast of Honduras a sunken Italian ship was also found that was dated back to A.D. 700.

Fascinating historical references! I was unaware of those. Your examples (which I'd like to research further) illustrate the basic difference between exploration and settlement. Establishing a settlement is obviously much more difficult. (I moved your comma from after the "although" to before it)

True or false: the Puritans came to America in order to separate church from state (government). Explain.

To a certain extent it is true. The Puritans self-government was the state church. They did not have an opportunity in England to establish such a church.

Good explanation, but the answer must be "false" not "true". The Puritans did have a government, and would never separate it from their church. (Minus 1).

Pick one of the questions or topics from the lecture, and explain your view. Did Europeans have a right to explore North America?

The Europeans had every right to explore North America! It would be like asking if we had the right to travel up into space and explore the moon. Of course we do. North America was waiting to be acknowledged by the rest of the world. The Europeans took the risk and consequently changed history by exploring North America. (Key word is Explore)

Excellent answer, could also use this as a model. Your focus on the prcise wording used in the question is superb.

In what ways did the colonies help build the economic strength of England?

Most Europeans at the time had a mindset that strongly approved mercantilism, which is the belief that the colonies exist for the economic benefit of the mother country. The way the colonies performed this was through the exporting of raw goods like tobacco and corn to England at a cheap price. This new self-trade system greatly stimulated England’s economic strength.

Good, but incomplete. Note, for example, how England then sold finished goods back to the colonies at a profit. (Minus 1)

-Honors Questions-

Was it expensive to establish a colony? If so, who paid for it?

The cost of funding a trip and establishing a colony required a great sum of money. More often than not it was funded by the kings and queens of that time who desired to expand their territory. Also Companies sent reliable men with a charter to establish a colony that would make the company cash.


Identify one or more colonies for which the King of England revoked their charters and retook control over them. Why?

The Massachusetts Bay colony had received a royal charter which was revoked 55 years later by Charles II. This was due to the colony's ignorance and revolts against the tariffs and trading laws that were required by those subject to the king.


Discuss any of the debate or discussion topics from the lecture. Were the Puritans right to be strict and to expel people of other religions?

The Puritans invested their lives into establishing their religious freedom. They acquired a charter and founded a colony that held their principles. They remembered their struggles and wanted to preserve their religious beliefs. Massachusetts Bay was their colony and they had the right to enforce what they thought would best preserve their colony.

Fantastic answer, could use this as a model answer.

Kyle M.

Grade: Several of the very best answers in the class, and one of the finest overall. Score: 88/90. Congratulations!