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1: I expect to enjoy the period of the revolution the most as I have always found it fascinating as well as inspiring.

Terrific. That's what we're learning about in Lectures Two and Three.


3: I do not consider him to be overrated as even though he may have had his flaws, no one doesn't, and despite them he was a great pioneer of exploration. but neither do i consider him to be underrated.

Columbus was a master navigator, perhaps the best ever.

4: one could argue that the puritans set up a government that was controlled to a higher degree by the church than the government in England. They did not disagree with church run government, just the specific church that ran the English government.

Excellent. The Puritans wanted religion in government ... but their own religion.

5: in my mind, the main reason for Philadelphia becoming so populated was William Penn’s decision to allow anyone of any religion to live there free from persecution.

That helped a great deal, but wasn't the same true of Virginia? William Penn seemed to promote the concept better, as a very welcoming form of Christianity. Pennsylvania was more Christian than Virginia, and perhaps that helped.


7: I think that one of the reasons that England gained economic profits was because it could trade for raw materials very easily with the colonists.

Right. The colonies supplied the raw materials, and then the British converted them into finished goods, which the colonies then bought.

8: while Spain did come to America before the English, they did not set up very many long term settlements where as the English came with the intentions of making new colonies for long term settlement.

Right, but there are more differences too, such as the English bringing their families and setting up effective forms of government. (Minus 1)

Honors questions

1: I believe we as homeschoolers can, from looking at early settlements, learn that if the center of our homeschooling is personal gain (as in Jamestown), freedom from the government, or even striving for a better education than public schools, we will ultimately fail. But if we keep God in the center then I believe that we will not only prosper, but gain all the other benefits to a greater degree than if we had them at the center.

Superb! Perhaps this will become a model answer.


3: with respect to the triangle trade, I think the economic profit of selling slaves would have been reason enough to make the journey to Africa aquire them. So I think that the triangle trade did in fact exist.

"Triangular trade." But what was taken to and sold in Africa to make it a real part of the "triangle"? Explain a bit more fully. (Minus 2)


5: the Europeans, I think, had as much right to explore America as anyone ever had to explore anything because without exploration the vast majority of the world would still be unpopulated.

Not sure that follows. There were people in North American (the Indians) prior to exploration, and the vast majority of the world still is unpopulated (at least in terms of land). (Minus 1).

Jonathan S.

Grade: 86/90. Good start!--Andy Schlafly 21:27, 11 February 2011 (EST)