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The term homophobia is an offensive and derogatory term that is sometimes used to describe an aversion to homosexuality. The suffix "phobia" suggests an irrational fear, but that is not how the term is used.[1] It is used by gay rights groups to suggest that all opposition to homosexuality is irrational and hateful.[2] The term is often misapplied in a non-scientific, social and political context to further the alleged "homosexual agenda." [3]


  1. Psychologists do not recognize it as a phobia, or a disease, in any generally recognized publication like the DSM IV.
  2. Eg, this site [1] first defines homophobia as a dread or fear, but says that it includes those who write their Congressmen to oppose same-sex marriage.
  3. HOMOPHOBIA: A Scientific Non-Political Definition, Dr. Sander J. Breiner, National Association for Research and Theraphy on Homosexuality, 2003.