Homosexual censorship

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Homosexual censorship is censorship and whitewashing of any information critical of the homosexual agenda, sometimes under the guise of preventing "hate speech", sometimes without any justification at all. For example, the mainstream media refuse to publish information about the social harms that same-sex "marriage" has caused in those jurisdictions that have adopted it. In September 2011, National Religious Broadcasters gave a report to the National Press Club that analyzed the content policies of some "new media outlets". NRB found that Facebook, which collaborates with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination, removed material critical of homosexuality that it found "anti-gay". "The grossest act of anti-Christian censorship, according to the report, is Apple Inc.’s removal of the Exodus International and Manhattan Declaration apps. Homosexual "rights" protesters demonized Exodus’ app as the "gay cure app," although the app primarily advertised the date, times and locations of its upcoming events. They rallied more than 107,000 sign petitions asking Apple to remove the app from the iTunes store. These activists also successfully petitioned the removal of the Manhattan Declaration." [1]

YouTube, which is notorious for its flagrant and illegal censorship of videos and comments its liberal controllers do not like, is a willing participant in homosexual censorship, frequently removing posts critical of homosexuality and the homosexual agenda, as well as posts that expose the consequences of the homosexual lifestyle, often within seconds after the comments are posted. As with other pro-homosexual censors, YouTube does this out of cowardice because of its controllers' fear and hatred of the truth about homosexuality and the exposure of its negative aspects; but in engaging in censorship for political and ideological reasons, YouTube and other supporters of the homosexual agenda needlessly and irresponsibly endanger those vulnerable to exploitation by that lifestyle (particularly including children and those previously victimized by predatory homosexuals).