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"... early self-labeling as homosexual or bisexual is one of the top three risk factors for homosexual teen suicide attempts. The risk of suicide decreases by 20% for each year that a young person delays homosexual or bisexual self-labeling."[1]

Homosexual activists and manipulators, like Bill Harrison, executive director of LGBTI pressure group 'Richmond Gay Community Foundation', often advance an argument that learning about scientific research showing that a person can quit sodomical lifestyle, for example as Michael Glatze did, can cause “many people to commit suicide” hence these people engaging in immoral patterns of behavior should not be challenged with such information.[2] To suggest that suicide prevention requires affirming a person's behavior or behavioral tendencies is however simply foolish. Criminal behavior, for example, often leads to suicidal thoughts, but no one suggest that we must affirm criminal tendences to stop suicide.[3]

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