Homosexuality and Illegal Drug Use

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Concerning homosexuality and illegal drug use, the Los Angeles Times reported in 2007 that the frequency of methamphetamine use is twenty times greater among homosexuals than in the general population.[1]

In January 2007, the journal AIDS (London, England) in an article entitled Use of illicit drugs among gay men living with HIV in Sydney stated the following: "Higher rates of illicit drug use have been reported among gay men than among similar populations of heterosexual men..."[2]

Methamphetamine: use is said to be twenty times greater among homosexuals.

In June 2004, the journal Nursing Clinics of North America reported the following regarding homosexuality and illegal drug use:

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and health

Bowel syndrome
Gay bathhouses
Circuit parties

More on

...the increased use of recreational or party drugs such as ecstasy, "poppers", and methamphetamine ("crystal meth") influence unsafe sexual behaviors in gay men. Many of these illicit drugs are used during "circuit parties," in which gay men from various geographical locales congregate in one large metropolitan community over an extended 2- or 3-day period for the purposes of intense partying and sexual activity.[3]

In June 2001, the American Journal of Public Health reported the following in regards to homosexuality and illegal drug use:

...Nearly all participants stated that strong motivations for having attended circuit parties in the previous year were “to listen to music and dance” and “to be with friends”...“To get high on drugs” was a strong motivation for most participants...

Sexual activity, including unprotected anal sex, was relatively common during circuit party weekends...

Consider the potential impact of circuit party weekends on HIV infection rates and rates of infection with other sexually transmitted diseases, based on sexual mixing opportunities and patterns both within and beyond the 3-day periods. Our data pertain to a single circuit party weekend for each participant. If we multiply the prevalence of sexual risk behavior by the median of 3 parties per year revealed in this sample, and if we consider the large number of men who attend circuit parties, as well as the growing popularity of such parties, then the likelihood of transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases among party attendees and secondary partners becomes a real public health concern.[4]

In an article published in the journal Health Psychology, the authors found that consumption of four or more alcoholic drinks increased the likelihood of sodomy threefold.[5]

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