Homosexuality and disease

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Homosexuality promotes the spread of contagious diseases. Indeed, it is responsible for at least two epidemics in America: AIDS, the "gay disease" of the 1980s, and MSRP, the "gay plague" of the 2000s.

AIDS, the gay disease


AIDS was introduced to mainstream America by promiscuous homosexuals in San Francisco and a few other urban centers. The term "gay disease" originally carried no bad connotation; it was named by a physician who himself was homosexual, who had noted the correlation between the constellation of symptoms and the behavior.

When a stigma became associated with the term, gay rights activists began to object to the use of the term. They also began to deny the fact that the disease was primarily associated with homosexual activity, as well as downplaying the fact that an@l sex tends to injure the delicate tissues of the rectum, which is the main direct means of transmission of HIV.

MSRP, the gay plague


Another disease spread primarily by promiscuous homosexuals is MSRP.