Homosexuality in Nazi Germany

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Homosexuality was supported in Nazi Germany, although modern gay rights activists claim that an estimated 100,000 homosexual men were arrested for this crime, of whom approximately 5,000 to 15,000 were interned in concentration camps.[1] See Homosexuals and the Holocaust for further details.

Yet, according to some historians, homosexual men constituted the core of the Nazi Party in Germany.[2] In contrast to the wimpy "swish" homosexual, Nazi homosexuals were ultra-macho or "butch".

The OSS addressed the reason why so many homosexuals found the Nazi party inviting,

this may be due to the fact that they are all fundamentally social outcasts and consequently have a community of interests which tends to make them think and feel more or less alike. In this connection it is interesting to note that homosexuals, too, frequently regard themselves as a special form of creation or as chosen ones whose destiny it is to initiate a new order....The fact that underneath they feel themselves to be different and ostracized from normal social contacts usually makes them easy converts to a new social philosophy which does not discriminate against them. Being among civilization's discontents, they are always willing to take a chance of something new which holds any promise of improving their lot...[3]

Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance writes,

Even today in America, it is chic in some homosexual circles for individuals to wear replicas of Nazi Germany uniforms, complete with iron crosses, storm trooper outfits, military boots and even swastikas.

In 1941 the Office of Strategic Services prepared A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler. Langer attributed the belief of many that Hitler was homosexual "(a) from the fact that he does show so many feminine characteristics, and (b) from the fact that there were so many homosexuals in the Party during the early days and many continue to occupy important positions." Langer added, "It does seem that Hitler feels much more at ease with homosexuals."

Some parts of the American Nazi movement are explicitly homosexual. The National Socialist League, in fact, at last word restricts its membership to homosexual Nazis.[4]

William Shirer, the preeminent historian of the Nazi era, wrote in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:

"Most people don't realize that male homosexuality does not always lean to the effeminate. Historically, male homosexuality was much more often associated with hyper-masculine warrior cults which were usually very brutal and very politically aggressive. The most recent example was in Germany. Hitler's initial power base when he launched the Nazi Party was a private homosexual military force organized and trained by a notorious pederast named Gerhard Rossbach. Rossbach's homosexual partner Ernst Roehm, who was also Hitler's partner in forming and building the Nazi Party, converted the "gay" Rossbachbund into the dreaded SA Brownshirts."


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