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Howard Jeffrey Melish, born in New York August 13, 1947 is the son of William Howard Melish. Melish worked in the Weather Underground (WUO) and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) offices in Chicago during late 1969 and was arrested during the "Days of Rage" riots in October 1969.

Melish attended the Ninth World Youth Festival held at Sophia, Bulgaria, July28 to August 6, 1968. Delegates to the Ninth World Youth festival met with Vietnamese American deserters and individuals from the Soviet Union. They also visited the Chinese Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Melish entered Canada on February 12, 1970 and subsequently sailed to Cuba on a commercial vessel.[1]

Melish's father, William Howard Melish, was a member of the board of the Communist front organization, the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship and edited their biweekly publication, Reporter (CPUSA).

Jeff Melish oversaw financial operations for the Students for a Democratic Society.[2]


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