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Human Life Alliance

Human Life Alliance is a non-profit Pro-life organization founded in 1977 and is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Per their website, HLA seeks to educate all people on life issues by

  • Raising awareness of the humanity of the unborn child and exposing the gruesome realities of abortion.
  • Opposing euthanasia in all its forms, both active and passive, and fighting for the protection of all human life, including the terminally ill, elderly, disabled, and medically vulnerable.
  • Promoting chastity, abstinence until marriage, and educating on the errors and health risks of the "safe-sex" promotion.

The project aims to publish and distribute advertising supplements that have reached a combined circulation of nearly 30 million copies to high school and college campuses over the past 14 years. In 2005, they published their first abstinence magazine called 'Just for Girls/Just for Guys' with a focus on teen distribution. In 2007, they introduced 'Life Begins: An Amazing Adventure' that targets grade school children about the humanity of the pre-born child.

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