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Ihor Kolomoisky

Call center owned by Kolomoiysky discovered by Russian troops during the liberation of Donbas.[1]

Ihor Kolomoisky, also Igor Kolomoisky or Kolomoyskyi, is a Ukrainian-Israeli-Cypriot oligarch who funded the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion (despite being Jewish[2]) and comedian/actor Volodymyr Zelensky's rise to political power. Kolomoisky owns the bank through which kickbacks from American loan guarantees to the Maidan regime and Burisma oil and gas company were paid to Hunter Biden.[3] He is known as a rabid Russophobe. Kolomoisky has been described by Gonzalo Lira as "a cancer cell on the soul of Ukraine."[4]

Ukrainian dictator Vladimir Zelensky (center) meets with Kolomoisky, September 10, 2019.[5]

Kolomoisky owns 1+1 Media Group. He ran for president in 2014 and received slightly more than 2% of the vote. In 2015 he created a television program called Servant of the People and recruited comedic actor Volodymyr Zelensky for the leading role. The show is premised on a schoolteacher who makes a viral video about corruption in Ukraine and gets elected president. As president he advocates joining the European Union and NATO. The show was a success. Zelensky organized the Servant of the People Party three years later and was elected president of Ukraine in 2019. The show also made Zelensky rich while squirrelling away millions of dollars in offshore Caribbean bank accounts. Kolomoisky and Obama Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland selected Zelensky's cabinet.

Prior to the Maidan coup Kolomoisky funded a private neo-Nazi group known as the Azov Battalion which carried out atrocities against ethnic Russians in the Donbas. Immediately after the 2014 U.S.-backed Maidan coup, Kolomoisky's Nazis were integrated into the Ukrainian military[6] and began receiving American funding, weapons, and NATO training.[7] After Zelensky's election in 2019, Kolomoisky merged his two enterprises, the Zelensky regime and Azov Battalion, into a full scale effort to attack the independent Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

In March 2021, Kolomoisky was banned from entering the United States allegedly due to his corrupt activities.[1] Kolomoisky faces fraud charges in both the United States and United Kingdom.[8]

In a massive P.R. stunt and overreach that backfired, Zelensky tried to strip Kolomoisky of his Ukrainian citizenship by presidential decree in order to distance himself from his boss as the corruption scandal took on international proportions. Under the Ukrainian constitution, the president does not have power to strip anyone of their citizenship.

On February 1, 2023 it was reported that Zelensky had turned on his old friend and benefactor, Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky's home was raided by the Ukrainian gestapo allegedly in connection with the embezzlement of oil products worth $1.09 billion and customs duty evasion "of astronomical amounts."[9]

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