International Labor Defense

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International Labor Defense [1]

  1. Cited as subversive and Communist. Attorney General Tom Clark, letters to Loyalty Review Board, released June 1, 1948, and September 21, 1946.
  2. Legal Arm of the Communist Party. Attorney General Francis Biddle, Congressional Record, September 24, 1942, P. 7686.
  3. ‘‘It is essentially the legal defense arm of the Communist Party of the United States.’’ It is the American Section of M.O.P.R. or Red International of Labor Defense, often referred to as the Red International Aid. Its International Congresses meet in Moscow. (Special Committee on Un-American Activities, Reports’, January 3, 1939, PP. 75–76: Also cited in reports, January 3, 1940, P. 9, June 25, 1942 P. 19, March 29, 1944 P. 69.)
  4. ‘‘The International Labor Defense was part of an International network of organizations for the defense of Communist lawbreakers. At a conference held in Detroit, Michigan, April 27–28, 1946, the International Labor Defense and the National Federation for Constitutional Liberties merged to form the new front, Civil Rights Congress.’’ (Senate Congressional Committee on Un-American Activities, Report No. 1115, September 2, 1947, PP. 1 and 2.)
  5. ‘‘One of the more potent and obvious Communist front organizations.’’ (California Committee on Un-American Activities, Report, 1947, P. 214.)
  6. ‘‘The Communist party established the International Labor Defense in this country during the summer of 1925, as the United States section of the International Red Aid. . . with headquarters in Moscow.’’ (Massachusetts House Committee on Un-American Activities, Report, 1936, PP. 196 and 342.)
  7. "An organization whose Communist character and international affiliation are a matter of public record.’’ (New York City Council Committee Investigating the Municipal Civil Service Commission.)

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  1. ‘‘Citations by Official Government Agencies of Organizations and Publications Found to be Communist or Communist-Fronts,’’ December 16, 1946, prepared and released by the Committee on Un-American Activities, U. S. House of Representatives, Washington, D. C. Page 53.