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Internet slang

Internet slang is slang that Internet users have created and used, often in instant messaging and forum discussions. They are frequently acronyms (often contain three letters), designed to save keystrokes in an attempt to speed up communication.

According to Harvard professor and conservative sociologist Steven Shapin, Internet Slang is an interpretation of language that people have found necessary to create to confuse the "older" generation. [1]

List of Abbreviations

  • 2: Substitution for to, too, and two.
  • 4: Substitution for and four.
  • 8: Substitution for ate and eight
  • AFAICT: As far as I can tell.
  • AFAIK: As far as I know.
  • AFAIR: As far as I recall/remember.
  • AFAIAW: As far as I am aware.
  • AFK: Away from keyboard.
  • ASL: A request for Age, Sex, and Location.
  • ATM: At The Moment.
  • BBL: be back later.
  • BBIAB: be back in a bit.
  • bewbs: breasts.
  • BRB: Be Right Back.
  • btw: By the way.
  • ch00b: Person who acts like a n00b, but has skill levels or a kill/death ratio of someone who is considered 1337. Typically spends time bragging, flaming, and asking question he or she should know.
  • D00d: L33tsp34k spelling of "dude".
  • DNFT: Do Not Feed the Troll, stated in forums, chatrooms, and games, when someone (a "troll") makes an intentionally inflammatory statement just to get a response. DNFT asks people not to give the "troll" the satisfaction of a response.
  • ftw: For the win.
  • GDR: Grinning, Ducking and Running. Usually typed right after making a groan-inducing joke.
  • g2g: got to go/gotta go. Sometimes written as gtg
  • gg: Good game. Sometimes an 'a' is added to make gga: good game all.
  • gl: Good luck.
  • GTFO: Exclamation of irritation or disbelief. Acronym for Get The F*** Out.
  • IANAL: Sometimes IANALB, "I am not a lawyer (but)" said right before (usually) poor legal advice.
  • IDC: I Don't Care.
  • IDK: I Don't Know.
  • IIRC: If I remember correctly.
  • IRL: In Real Life.
  • IM: Abbreviation for Instant Messaging.
  • IMO In My Opinion, or sometimes "IMHO" - In my humble opinion
  • l8r: later.
  • 1337 Leet. Usually means good, but some say it stands for Elite. Also the name for turning letters into numbers and symbols.
  • LMAO Laughing My A** Off.
  • LMFAO Laughing My F***ing A** Off.
  • LOL: Laugh Out Loud.
  • lvl: Level.
  • m8: Mate.
  • Newb Person is unskilled at whatever task they are trying to perform due to lack of experience.
  • Noob Person is unskilled at whatever task they are trying to perform due to lack of experience and refuse to acknowledge their difficulty with the task.
  • NP: No Problem.
  • OMG: Oh My God (Not in actual reference to God, but used as an exclamation in violation of the third commandment)
  • Omgwtfbbq is an internet slang term used in many MMORPG games like World of Warcraft. It is used as an expression of confusion and when someone asks an absurd newbie question. It is usually meant to be taken sarcastically. Although it can occasionally be used when someone is utterly confused by something that was said. Its various parts stand for, respectively, "Oh My G_d," "what the f___," and "barbecue," each of which can also appear individually, although "bbq," alone, is not actually considered internet slang.
  • POS: Parent Over Shoulder. Usually used in IM conversations to alert the other participant of the presence of an adult/parent, and thus to avoid saying something inappropriate.
  • Pwn: Defeat someone, misspelling of "own", often stated as "pwned" (i.e., I pwned you in that game).
  • Pwnt: If someone "pwns" you, you have been pwnt. Usually spelled with an 'ed' rather than a 't'.
  • R: Substitution for Are
  • ROFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing.
  • ROFLMAO: Combination of ROLF and LMAO, meaning Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off.
  • Roflcopter: An extreme version of "rofl," or, "rolling on the floor laughing." Originated on World of Warcraft forums.
  • ty: Thank You
  • TMI: Too much information.
  • U: Substitution for you.
  • Ur: Substitution for your, you're, you are.
  • WTF: exclamation of great bewilderment. Acronym for What The F***
  • WYSIWYG: What you see is what you get, also a word processing editor type.
  • XP: Experience
  • ZOMG: An extreme version of "Oh my God!"
  • G@Y: An internet slang for the word "Gay"

List of Terms


These are viewed by turning one's head sideways to the left.

  •  :-) is a smile - eventually known as a "smiley" and first posted 27 years ago by Scott E. Fahlman
  •  :) is a shortened version of the "smiley"
  •  ;-) is a wink
  •  :-( is a frown
  • XD is laughter (Eyes closed tightly with a grin)
  •  :P sticking out one's tongue, usually in humor
  •  ;P winking with tongue out, a goofy expression of humor or derangement

There are many variations on the above symbols (which are also known as 'emoticons'). Some symbols are called emoticons but are really examples of sideways ASCII art.