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Intersectionalism is crossbreeding in identity politics. For example, a homosexual minority illegal immigrant becomes three times victimized by oppression and thus leapfrogged over persons who claim only a single or two-times victimization status in an oppression Olympics.

This intersectionalism can have unintended consequences. For example, in the United Kingdom, there have been attempts to form an intersectional alliance between homosexuals and Muslims as both being oppressed minorities. This is despite most British Muslims opposing homosexuality and its legalization.[1] This can be used to attack the dominant culture.

Gay Arabs Against Christ was an intersectional early 2000s grouping of "queer and non-conforming" Arabs who intended to fuse Islamic and Christianophobic thought with homosexual advocacy and sodomic apologism in the Middle East, in particular relating to the issue of cross-dressing and gender confusion.[2][3]

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