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*[[List of atheist shooters and serial killers]]
*[[List of atheist shooters and serial killers]]
*[[Atheism and serial killers]]
*[[Atheism and sadism]]
*[[Atheism and sadism]]

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The perverse and cruel atheist Marquis de Sade in prison, 18th century line engraving. See: Atheism and sadism

Psychopathy is strongly correlated with crime, violence, and antisocial behavior.[1][2] See also: Irreligious prison population and Religion and crime reduction and Atheism and violence and Atheism and poor social skills

A psychopath is someone with an anti-social personality disorder characterized by violent, perverted or immoral behavior often leading to criminality. Psychopaths have little or no concern for other people. Some psychopaths equate love with sexual arousal.[3]

Psychopathy is strongly correlated with crime, violence, and antisocial behavior.[1][2]

There have been a couple of studies associating irreligion with psychopathy (see: Atheism and psychopathy).

For information related to irreligion and crime/violence/antisocial behavior, please see the resources below:

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