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Islamonazism (also known as Islamofascism) is a neologism used to describe the use of Nazi and/or fascist terminology, beliefs and propaganda by certain Islamic religious and political leaders, generally manifesting itself in calls for the destruction of the state of Israel and the genocide of its citizens and "infidels" (non-Muslims) in general.

Further reading

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  • Antonio J. Munoz, Lions of the Desert: Arab Volunteers in the German Army, 1941-1945, Axis Europa Books, 2002, ISBN 1891227033
  • Kenneth Timmerman, Arafat's Hitler-loving role model



Islam + -o- + Nazism



  1. The alleged Nazi ideology of Islamist extremists.
    • 2002: From the river to the sea, the whole land will one day be free — free of all the terrorist factions, and free for people of every religious faith to live without fear of Islamonazism, in all its perverse variations. — Dave Kopel, The National Review December 5, 2002 (


The Muslim/Nazi Connection since the Arab Muslim Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini's pact with Adolf Hitler and his leading of an SS division against the Christian Serbs in WW2. [1] [2] [3].

On Agust 2008, Muslim And Far-Right Extremists Join In Baltimore To Decry 'Jewish Zionist Power', The "International Islamic Conference" held in a Baltimore hotel on August 16 was organized by a small Muslim group called Jamaat al-Muslimeen (JAM), which actively promotes anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial mixed with a deep distrust of Western-style democracy. The gathering heard from several well-known anti-Semites. "Despite their divergent backgrounds and interests, promoters of anti-Semitism are finding common cause in their hatred of Jews and Israel," [4].

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