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James David Vance (born in August 2, 1984) is the Trump-endorsed underdog landslide winner of the U.S. Senate seat in Ohio, far exceeding early predictions and routing his Liz Cheney-endorsed opponent in November 2022. An outspoken tech entrepreneur who was the best-selling author of the “Hillbilly Elegy,” JD Vance announced his candidacy amid many skeptics on June 29, 2021.[1] On April 16, 2022, Trump endorsed Vance in his Senate primary race against many opponents, thereby rejecting the pro-Establishment, Mike Pence-endorsed candidate Josh Mandel.

Vance has been the most courageous in opposing endless funding by the United States of the Russia-Ukraine war.[2]

Vance's enormous 7-point margin of victory as a political newcomer solidifies Trump's popularity in the all-important Midwest, as Vance's opponent campaigned against Trump in this election.

Despite Vance's criticism of Trump way back in 2016, Trump graciously wrote:[3]

"Like some others, J.D. Vance may have said some not-so-great things about me in the past, but he gets it now, and I have seen that in spades."

A conservative populist capable of winning a general election, J.D. Vance is a leader among Republican candidates in speaking out against increased entanglement by Biden of the United States in the Russian Ukraine conflict.

Pro-Trump tech billionaire Peter Thiel has long been a supporter of J.D. Vance.

In May 2022, Vance, as Trump's backed candidate, wins GOP primary for Ohio Senate seat.[4][5][6] Matt Schlapp commented:[7] 'JD Vance's victory proves the old GOP has been transformed.' The Time: 'Trump's Fingerprints are all over J.D. Vance's Ohio win.'[8]

Ohio primaries tested power of Trump endorsement.[9]
RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Breitbart News that Ohio voters "reject Biden's failed agenda of historic inflation, Biden's gas hike, and the crisis at our southern border, and will hold Democrats accountable and vote for Republicans up and down the ballot."

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