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JAG (Judge Advocate General's Corps) was a TV series which spanned ten seasons. It starred David James Elliott and Catherine Bell, and was created by Donald Bellisario. JAG is the only television program to ever be endorsed by both the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. Two hundred and twenty-seven episodes aired from September 23, 1995 to April 19, 2005. NBC initially cancelled the show after its first season, subsequently being picked up by CBS where the show found a significantly increased audience share and remained for nine more seasons.[1][2][3] Initially, the networks were reluctant to produce the show and the Navy was hesitant to lend the show any cooperation in terms of material or personnel support (government-owned property or sites as filming elements or locales, stock footage, military extras, etc.) NBC's original objection was expressed this way: "No, nobody likes the military."[1] At first the Navy's Hollywood liaison office was fearful of whatever publicity consequences would arise from a show about JAG attorneys whose jobs are to put the military's problems on trial. After two seasons, they came however to realize that the show was about positive people dealing with the problems that occur within any large, complex organization such as the military.[1]

Bellisarius Productions, NBC Productions (in the first season only) and Paramount Television co-produced the series.


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