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James Bond (or 007) is a fictional British MI6 secret agent created by writer Ian Fleming. Beginning in 1952, Fleming wrote 12 James Bond novels and numerous short stories until his death in 1964. Subsequent James Bond novels have been written by many writers, including Kingsley Amis.

James Bond is best known from the feature length movies. "Dr. No" (1962) was the first of the James Bond film series produced by EON Productions, and an adaptation of Ian Fleming's sixth James Bond novel. To this date, 23 films have been made about him and he has been played by six different actors, perhaps the best known being Sean Connery and Roger Moore. James Bond films have always been somewhat epic in scope featuring exotic locations, fast cars, beautiful women and elaborate stunts. Although Bond has faced many adversaries, during the Cold War many of his opponents were from Soviet Russia. The most recent Bond film was released in 2012 and entitled, "Skyfall".

The current James Bond is Daniel Craig, who takes the role back towards the more rugged character that Connery brought to the screen.