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Jeb Bush
43rd Governor of Florida
From: January 5, 1999 – January 2, 2007
Predecessor Buddy MacKay
Successor Charlie Crist
Party Republican
Spouse(s) Columba Bush
Religion Roman Catholic (see also: Jeb Bush's religious views)

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush (born February 11, 1953), age 65, is a businessman and a former governor of the State of Florida. He is the third child and second son of former President George H. W. Bush and his wife, former First Lady Barbara Bush. He is the younger brother of former President George W. Bush. Jeb Bush was the first Republican to win a second term as Florida’s governor, and he left office with a 60% approval rating.[1]

Early life and education

Bush was born in Midland, Texas where his father ran an oil drilling company. When he was six years old, the family relocated to Houston, Texas. He was a budding athlete, enjoying baseball and tennis. He went to a public elementary school, and later to a private school. When he was in eighth grade, George H. W. Bush won a seat in Congress and moved to Washington, DC. The Bush children stayed in Houston with another family to finish the school year, and spent most summers and holidays at the family estate, located at Kennebunkport, Maine. He then enrolled at Phillips Andover Academy in Massachusetts, already attended by his brother, George. Jeb Bush made the honor roll his first year.[2]

Private sector

Jeb Bush and his family moved to Florida in 1981, where he joined the Codina Group, a real estate development company.

Political career

Jeb Bush earlier in his career.

Bush became Secretary of Commerce under Governor Bob Martinez in 1987 and was the Republican nominee for governor in 1994, losing to incumbent Lawton Chiles. In 1998 he ran again and won, becoming governor of Florida at the same time his brother George W. was governor of Texas. He was re-elected in 2002, defeating Democrat William McBride (who had upset former Attorney General Janet Reno in the Democratic primary election). Bush could not run for re-election to a third term in 2006, because of term limits; another Republican, Charlie Crist, was elected to succeed him. After eight years, Jeb Bush left office as one of the most popular and prominent governors in state history. While speculation and public support for a 2016 Presidential run still exists, it was significantly dampened when Barbara Bush stated in an April 2013 interview[3] that she felt "We've had enough Bushes" and continuing "He's the most qualified, but I don't think he'll run."[4]

2016 Presidential Campaign

On December 16, 2014, Bush announced the formation of The Right to Rise PAC, a Super PAC intended to serve as an exploratory committee and fundraising mechanism for a potential candidacy. Bush used the maximum "one day less than six months" exploratory period to raise money without limits while being permitted to coordinate with his Super PAC.[5] On June 15, 2015, Bush announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election.[6] Bush enjoyed an early fundraising advantage, which may have discouraged other potential candidates including Mitt Romney from seeking the Republican nomination.

As the candidate favored by the Establishment, Jeb Bush received endorsements from elected Republican officials. The attorney general and lieutenant governor of Georgia endorsed Jeb Bush in early August.[7]

At first, Jeb Bush tried to distance himself from his brother, former President George W. Bush. However, as his poll numbers lagged, George W. Bush campaigned for his brother in the days prior to the South Carolina primary. During the debates, Donald Trump attacked Jeb Bush based on his brother's failures.

Bush finished sixth in the Iowa Caucuses with 2.8% of the vote and 1 delegate. He finished fourth in the New Hampshire Primary with 11.0% of the vote and 3 delegates. Finally, Bush finished fourth in the South Carolina Primary with 7.8% of the vote.

On February 20, 2016, Bush withdrew from the Presidential race after losing the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries.[8] This was despite the fact he spent $130 million, much more than the other Republican candidates including Trump, showing that liberal fears about Citizens United v. FEC are wrong.[9]

Post-political career

Bush joined the board of directors of Tenet Healthcare, the biggest publicly-traded hospital company in the United States, in April 2007.[10][11]

Personal life

Bush met his wife, Columba, while teaching English as part of a university exchange program in Leon, Guanajato, Mexico in 1971. Columba was born in Leon in 1954. The two were married on February 23, 1974, shortly after Bush graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Latin American Affairs. They have three children: George (known as George P., born 1976), Noelle (born 1977) and John (known as Jebby, born 1983). The couple currently resides in Coral Gables, Florida.

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