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Jeb Bush ran for President in 2016. During his six-month exploratory period, he raised money for his SuperPAC. He then shifted to raising money for his campaign committee and stopped coordinating with his SuperPAC. In the end, Bush spent $124 million only to get a small fraction of the primary votes. Bush dropped out of the race after the South Carolina primary.

Name Type Amount
Right to Rise Super PAC SuperPAC $118,685,857
Jeb 2016 Campaign $33,512,524
Millennials Rising SuperPAC $54,960
Rescue Our Future SuperPAC $0
Right to Rise Policy Solutions 501(c)(4) $0
Vamos for Jeb 2016 SuperPAC $0[1]

Individual donors listed their employers. Here are the employers with the largest donations to Bush or his SuperPACs:[2]

CV Starr & Co $10,000,000
MBF Healthcare Partners $3,194,020
Rooney Holdings $2,524,906
Hunt Companies $2,499,300
Chief Oil & Gas $2,024,146
Stewart & Stevenson $2,007,700
Bouchard Transportation $1,530,400
Oberndorf Enterprises $1,528,506
Charles Schwab Corp $1,510,100
Tiger Management $1,305,484
American Pacific International Capital $1,302,000
Sequoia Capital[3] $1,165,477
Freeman Spogli & Co $1,160,800
Jackson Healthcare $1,113,811
NextEra Energy $1,072,900
Oakmont Corp $1,052,700
Kinder Morgan Inc $1,045,800
Franklin Resources $1,025,000
Moore Capital Management $1,018,500
Hoffman Partners $1,011,167

His primary opponent in the primaries was Donald Trump who as largely self-financed.


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