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Jen McCreight is an atheist, columnist and blogger who writes about atheism, science, religion and feminism. She was the originator of the concept of the Atheism plus movement and one of its founders. See also Schools of atheist thought and Atheist factions

McCreight has served on the Board of Directors of the Secular Student Alliance and she was also the cofounder and three-year president of Society of Non-Theists at Purdue University.[1][2]

She has studied biology at the collegiate level at Purdue University.

Atheist Jen McCreight on sexual harassment at atheist conferences

See also: Sexual harassment at atheist conferences and Atheist conferences

Jen McCreight stated concerning sexual harassment at atheist conferences:

When I first started going to atheist conferences, I was warned to avoid certain speakers because they were known for going after younger women. I was often approached after I gave talks, and people would make really lewd, sexual comments to me or basically be talking to my chest.[3]

For additional information, please see: Sexual harassment at atheist conferences

Jen McCreight leaves the atheist movement

See also: Atheist movement

On September 10, 2013, citing ill behavior of atheists/agnostics, McCreight wrote: "Today’s theme is how elated I am to not be officially involved with the atheist movement anymore...".[4]

Thunderf00t on Jen McCreight

In October 2014, the popular YouTube atheist Thunderf00t commented on how Jen McCreight, the founder of the atheist feminist movement Atheism plus abandoned her movement within two weeks. Thunderf00t also commented on how Richard Carrier "the intellectual artillery" of the movement, quit promoting the movement within a month.[5]

Jen McCreight on Elevatorgate

Richard Dawkins is widely criticized for igniting deep fractures in the atheist movement through his Elevatorgate scandal. For example, on November 26, 2013, Jen McCreight posted at Twitter the message: "Did anyone on Dawkins AMA ask how he feels about singlehandedly destroying the atheist movement with the Dear Muslima yet?"[6]

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