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Jennifer Rubin

Born June 11, 1962
Spouse Jonathan Rubin
Religion Jewish

Jennifer Rubin (born June 11, 1962 (age 60)) is a liberal columnist and a blogger for The Washington Post. She has written for the "Right Turn" blog.[1]

Despite WaPo (and herself) falsely labeling her as a "conservative," she is a liberal known for her contempt for various conservative and Christian principles such as traditional marriage, as well as evangelical Christians themselves. Rubin has also been vehemently contemptuous of conservative figures such as Jim DeMint, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump, even after the latter was elected U.S. President. In addition, she hates Fox News Channel for its conservative aspects, but apparently has no problem with the left-wing mainstream media. (see Token conservative for sources and a more detailed explanation). Rubin is also a staunch supporter of the abortion-performing organization Planned Parenthood and has called for high-ranking military veterans to be banned from serving in The White House.

In February 2018, Rubin, along with fellow WaPo token "conservative" Max Boot, finally admitted she was not actually a conservative.[2] In October 2018, several conservatives asked WaPo to stop describing Rubin as "conservative" because of her left-wing policies on every political issue.[3]

In August 2020, Rubin replied on Twitter to a post by Amanda Carpenter. She implied that she had cried 15-20 times during the Democratic Party convention.[4]

According to Rubin, President Trump's GOP is supposedly the party of "white vigilantism of white supremacy".[5]

Author Kurt Nimmo says Rubin is "a neocon who fled “conservatives” to support Biden, and is accused of writing “political pornography” for the CIA’s Washington Post, believes 'Lloyd Austin is right,' Russia must be weakened. Rubin’s hubris and arrogance, along with that of her fellow conspirators, both in and out of the state, will result in turning this loathsome warmongering woman, and practically every other American, into radioactive dust."[6]

See also

  • Token conservative, for a detailed description of the political opinions expressed by her and others
  • Never Trump movement, for those who consider themselves to be conservatives but opposed Trump in 2016 and 2020


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