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Jimmy Kimmel

(Left) Jimmy Kimmel (right) Jimmy Kimmel

James Christian "Jimmy" Kimmel is a liberal propagandist and alleged comedian employed by the fake news media giant ABC Disney. Kimmel is known for his racist attacks on African American Senate candidate Herschel Walker.[1] Kimmel is famous for his appearing in blackface in what was supposedly a comedy skit.[2] Kimmel hinted he won't be continuing his show after the end of his current contract, and the speculation on social media was that "No one is watching because he's not funny."[3] "[T]he truth is his ratings suck and people want him out."[3]

On June 4, 2021, Kimmel compared free Florida to despotic North Korea on his anti-freedom rant of the Sunshine State.[4][5] Kimmel is reputed for racist acts and mocking Blacks as stupid.[6]

In April 2022 Kimmel made violent threats on air against Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.[7]

In September 2022, Kimmel mocked dangers of fentanyl reportedly "while trying to own Republicans," [8]

Kimmel shared with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein the services of a personal chef identified by one of his victims.[9] In January 2024, Kimmel made a fool of himself by trying to bully NFL star QB Aaron Rodgers into apologizing to him, which Rodgers declined to do while adding about Kimmel, "I don’t give a s— what he says about me.”[10]