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Joaquín Clausell Troconi (Campeche 1866 - Morelos 1935) Mexican impressionist painter and journalist. He attended the Escuela de Jurisprudencia in Mexico City and later he got in touch with the Impressionism's techniques in Paris, France with Camille Pissarro.

Clausell started painting when he was 35 years old. He represents an unusual case in the history of Mexican art in establishing his reputation as an Impressionist in the early 20th century.[1]

Joaquín Clausell became Mexico's best known Impressionist painter. The "Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico" keeps his atelier in the roof. There are four walls painted by the artist with several master drafts, as a mural.

The novel aspect of Clausell's works lies not only in his use of a technique with certain Impressionistic associations, but above all in his search for new localities to represent the Mexican landscape. [2]

Inspired by the sea he made several seascapes, like Ola roja, Marina and Ola verde.

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Clausell 2.jpg... Marina

Clausell 1.jpg... Ola Verde