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John Henry Ballard

(Texas Baptist clergyman)

Born June 21, 1931
East St. Louis, Illinois

Former residence: Lubbock, Texas
Current residence:Houston, Texas

Spouse Mary Elizabeth Herring Ballard

John Henry Ballard (born June 21, 1931)[1] is a Southern Baptist retired clergyman with sixty years in the ministry, thirty-eight with the First Baptist Church of Lubbock, Texas, at which he taught the Downtown Bible class. During his ministry in Lubbock, Ballard was an associate pastor under the long-term former pastor, David Lawrence "D. L." Lowrie (born May 18, 1935) .[2] Ballard conducted literally thousands of funerals during his career and made many visits to hospitals and nursing homes. He has since retired to Houston with his wife, the former Mary Elizabeth Herring (born June 19, 1929).[3]

Ballard was one of ten children reared in the slums of East St. Louis, Illinois, an urban extension across the Mississippi River from St Louis, Missouri. His father was also a minister who said that God could not trust him with money; so He gave children instead.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
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