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John Mathews (1744 – November 17, 1802) was Governor of South Carolina from 1782-1783. He was also a member of the Continental Congress from 1778-1781, and a signer of the Articles of Confederation.

Early life

Mathews was born in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1744. At the age of 16, he joined the South Carolina Provincial Regiment, rising to the rank of lieutenant. He later attended school in London and became a lawyer. Returning to South Carolina, he became active in politics, serving on the First and Second Provincial Congresses in 1775 and 1776.

Continental Congress

Mathews was elected to the Continental Congress in 1778, and served until 1781 as a delegate for South Carolina. During this time, he signed the Articles of Confederation.


Following his retirement, Mathews died in Charleston on November 17, 1802.


  • In 1782, he was elected Governor of South Carolina, and served in that office until 1783.[1]