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Alan Greenspan and John Paulson.

John Paulson (A native of Queens, born in 1955), a Jewish-American Harvard MBA, is an American businessman and fund operator. He is the founder and president of Paulson & Co. Forbes magazine estimated his personal wealth at $12 billion.

At the center of the transactions described in the government's fraud case against Goldman, Sachs & Co. is New York hedge fund operator John Paulson, whose firm made $15 billion in 2007 by betting that Americans would default on their home loans in droves... Ultimately, though, the biggest beneficiary of the transactions was Paulson & Co. [1]

Goldman "knew of Paulson's involvement in the selection" of securities, Levin told reporters. "They knew Paulson was going short." [2]

"Everybody ought to be rich." John J. Raskob (who sold his GM stocks while advising everybody to buy stocks.) [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

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