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John Sterling is an American sports broadcaster and play-by-play announcer for Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees, a job he has held since 1989. Sterling is known for his style of original phases and overly dramatic approach to announcing. Two of his most well-recognized phases include his home run call, “It is high ... it is far ... it is gone!”, and the phase he states after every Yankee victory, “THHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEE Yankees win”.[1]

Sterling joined the Yankees Radio Network in 1989 after working at two radio station in Atlanta, where he announced basketball games for the Hawks (1981–89) and Major League Baseball games for the Atlanta Braves (1982–87). After hosting a talk show, he served as a fill-in announcer for the New Jersey Nets, a professional basketball team.[2]

Sterling has won numerous awards including two Emmy Awards for his work on the television series Yankeeography. In 1999 he won the New Jersey Sportswriters Association's Radio-TV Excellence award.[2]


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